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 Most Vital Min of the Encounter!  

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The Most Vital Minute in the 15 minute Encounter!

What is the most important minute of your 15 minutes patient encounter ?

Any guesses? In my opinion the most important minute is the time spent outside the door! Why? Here are the reasons………

1. You are first exposed to a clue as to what case is on the other side of the door eg. abdominal pain. Remember you just know that the diagnosis has something to do with abdomen but you are still far from the list of DD’s you have to come up with . Say you walk in and the patient points to epigastric region,…..then your mind should go racing after Acute peptic ulcer disease, GERD, Duodenal ulcer, Acute pancreatitis, etc etc……..while if she sits with her hand on the Rt. Iliac foss frowning, you probably would switch gears to think of Acute appendicitiss, PID, torsion ovarian cyst, Endometriosis, Ileitis etc. Keep your options open ……..dont jump into conclusions until you get a thorough history.

2. It is the time to organize your encounter- If you dont take the time now, you will not be able to coherently handle the show inside the room. Go over mentally or write down in your blue sheet, what are the possibilities you are thinking of, what systems you will be examining, how will you start the History of present illness, what DD’s are you ruling out and recollect the name of the patient ……….before you put on that beautiful smile of yours and go on in…….KNOCK KNOCK…… is show time !

To read the rest of the artcle click on the link below

Edited by target on Jun 29, 2010 - 7:59 PM


I should also add, that it is also a time for distraction........are other candidates already barging through the door........and you are only one outside..........dont worry........take your time..Take a deep breath ...........and be ready to "Take Charge" after your "charge in"nod

Edited by target on Jul 02, 2010 - 10:13 PM


65 views and no comments! shockedraised eyebrowdisapproval


your efforts are appreciated target . but I think people are vacationing now.smiling face

On Jul 05, 2010 - 7:07 PM, target responded:
Ah Ah! Thanks for responding. GL with everything!


I like your blog! Thank you!

Keep posting!smiling face

Now I will be reading your famous journal for step1~!

On Jul 06, 2010 - 7:37 AM, target responded:

Hi doc, I just saw your post in the thread that discussed raising the passing score . Loved your picture and viola you are there visiting my thread........Thanks for stopping by and writing a few lines.

At your best, always !


hi there,

ur blog is awesome....

On Nov 04, 2010 - 12:41 AM, target responded:
Thank you. Good luck with everything !


Hi You all,

Hope you guys are rocking at your best!

I just wanted to add another note to this blog:

Sometimes the doorway information is so vague you have absolutely NO IDEA what system or what DD's are pertinent to the case at hand.

DONT will know as soon as you enter and ask for the chief complaints KEEP YOUR COOL and jot down the DD's as soon as you hear the SP talk !!

For SKYPE ONLINE CLASSES with me PM me for details or contact me at [email protected]

STEP 2 CS : Do it once ...........Do it right !




Good job Target


Good job Target I read your blog before my exam and I found it useful.

I took my time before entering the room and it really helps!! Organizing is important, very important. Writing PAMHUGSFOSSWA and OPDSFC and also SODA (and whatever else you want to write) saves you time during the interview and helps you to ask all the questions you need to be scored by the patient.

In this theater we learn our lines and they also learn their lines!!

If you don't organize you are going to confuse the patient and therefore they will give you a bad score, that is It!


Hi fdoctor,

You are like that one person among 10 in the Bible to came back to thank . I am glad to hear that my comments helped. Thanks for taking the time to write .




You are welcome Target!!!

I got high performance in my data gathering. I worked in organizing myself as you said. Thank you again. God bless!!


hello target,
i read ur journal..i learned how to focus on what i wanted..
it inspired me to sign up and start my own journal..
thanks a lot n good luck for ur future!!

On Nov 06, 2010 - 4:10 AM, target responded:
Everytime someone says such nice things , I am go glad I wrote down my experiences. I bet I dont remember all that I wrote then ..........but I am so happy it is still helping everyone out there...... shine at your best! Always .........Love Target


Check out the 10 tips to pass CS the first time !


thanks for your efforts could you please tell me tips for pt notes or any refrence which guide me for pt notes


thanks for the tips target...keep on the good work...

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