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 2011 match pediatric applicants  

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hi friends as the match season is approaching it wud be worthwhile to keep in track with other applicants so that we may know what has to be done before the application process and also will be helpful in ivs so pls report your credentials and other specific details.let me start with my credentials
step 1 : 99/242
step 2 ck: 99/245
step 2 cs: passed with an attempt
step 3 :august
USCE: 3 months obsie in various pediatric subspecialities
LOR: 4 US ped lors
Programs am gonna apply:only pediatrics


hi pediatrics2011 ur profile is amazing!!!!! i have an attempt in cs which can spoil all the advantages i have from 99.anyways i will try my best..good luck for ur step 1...keep in touch..

guys pls keep this thread active lets help each other


How you guys going to help others???
You have great scores, you gonna match anyway. Most peds applicants scores are low 90s, high 80s.


hi pediartics2011 do u have any img friendly list????


hi cipro by helping i mean sharing info because that cud help in either application process or iv the way i have an attempt in cs which is a huge drawback...also now candidates with double 99 are applying to peds so its gonna be tough and uncertain for me !!! anyways pls share ur credentials...


@ Shep
Don't worry too much about the CS attempt... Try for a 99 in step 3 too.. That will surely give your application a big boost.. I know an applicant in Peds last year who had an attempt in CS and matched at Montifiore Children's Hospital.. He is the only IMG there in Peds in last 15 years or so.. All his colleagues are from big shot universities like Yale, JHU etc... If you are a member of Orkut, you can probably read about his experience.. I am posting the thread.. Hope it helps!

I second what Shed is saying.. We all will surely have tones of question while preparing PS LOR during interviews etc... In case two of us get a common IV, you can always schedule it together and save on accommodation, transport etc.. You have to spend a fortune on IV travel and acco expenses! You can definitely cut short on that if you can share acco etc..
Plz do come out with your suggestions too!
In case of Peds, AFAIK, scores doesn't matter much to the PDs unlike IM.. They are looking for the applicant's inclination towards Pediatrics.. And doing a residency in the home country or Peds rotation in a well reputed hospital helps in a big way! I am from India, and I know some of my seniors who had done Peds PG from PGI and had gotten into Boston Children's (Harvard), Miami Children's and CHOM etc.. And a senior of mine who is a PD for Peds sub-specialty at UAB told me that they prefer applicants with a prior residency than someone with stellar scores.. Not to discourage anyone! I am just telling you the truth.. I am also in the same boat as you guys..

@ Shep
If you are applying only to Peds, you would hardly have 195 programs even if you apply to all! Then if you do not have PTAL, you can eliminate Cali programs.. I really could not find any free list for Pediatrics..shaking head And the paid ones, I don't know how reliable they are.. So I think it is better to do a search by ourselves.. Check out the current resident's page in the program website.. If they have a single IMG there, I would surely apply there!


hi pediatrics2011 thanks for the encouragemint..actually am from india too and am in orkut too, so i have already read that thread...thats what am doing but i guess there are less img friendly programs in peds than any other field!!!!


Yeah.. Exactly! And only half the number of seats in Peds compared to IM with 70% of it filled by US Seniors (this number does not include those DO US IMG etc!!).. Where as the corresponding figure in IM is only 50% with 5000 seats in total! Still they call Peds as a less competitive specialty. Jeesh!

Ref - Match 2010 results


I'm applying for 2011 too..
Ok my credentials..
Step 1 211/87
Step 2 210/86
CS- Pass
Not ECFMG certified
Graduation - June 2010
Visa -Need H1B
USCE -None - well i volunteered at a US hospital when i was in 10th grade sticking out tongue

Apart from peds i would be applying to IM and maybe FM

And goodluck to all of you..smiling face

Edited by strawberrysun00 on Aug 18, 2010 - 7:29 AM


Welcome on-board strawberrysun.. GL with everything!
So what are you guys planning to do till the interviews get started.. Since you two are already done with your steps, you will probably have plenty of time till the interview trail starts...

In my case, I am yet to take step 1! n step 3 too.. Nevertheless, planning for an obsie in Peds from August in a private clinic...

Are you guys writing your PS yourselves or getting it done by a professional agency or something? raised eyebrow


I am planning to write my PS myself..what about you? Well i would not be getting my degree till september so pretty much i cannot do anything till then.. I am just going back to my home country and try to shadow a doctor and gain some more clinical experience and study for step 3 on the way..And also wait for my CS results and research for programs which fit my criteria....


@ Strawberrysun
My plan is pretty much similar to yours.. I don't trust these guys who claim to write these 'spectacular' PS.. How the hell they will get any idea on what I am and what my interests and dreams are! I might get it edited by some of my seniors.. That would be a better idea than approaching these money making business guys..

My degree is not verified yet.. Big time trouble with the med school I attended since they sent my degree with the wrong seal and it has been bounced back from ECFMG.. So I don't think I will get certified even if I get my last exam scores shaking headshaking headshaking head

All the best with your CS results! A piece of advice.. Follow up the verification of your degree from your med school personally otherwise you might end up doing it twice rolling eyes rolling eyes

Edited by Pediatrics2011 on Jun 28, 2010 - 11:15 AM


94/ 81/ cs pass / ecfmg certified
1.5 months usce with 2 family doctors
2006 grad
img from india

applying to fm , im and peds programs


Hello everyone

2006 Grad
91/step 2ck july 10th/CS Pass all first attempt
3 Years as a Clinical Research Coordinator in Pediatrics ED
2 months observership in the same area
2 Publications on Pediatrics
4 LOR's, one of the from the PD of Peds Emergency Medicine
U.S. Citizen
IMG from the Dominican Republic

It's my first time applying for residency, let's see if I have any chance at all.


hi my credentials are
step 1 - 228/92
step2 ck - 238/98
step2 cs pass
step 3 - this september
usce - 2 months observership
graduation - 2006

Do you think I have a chance? Is pediatrics too competetive?


My credentials
Step 1 99/247
Ck 99/256
cs 1st attempt
3 will take during the IVs
m.d. pediatrics from India 2008
Grad 2004
One original article publication

How to look for good Pediatric Program


Hi all,

My credentials:

Step 1:91/ CS : Passed (1st Attempt).
MD Peds : from home country (2009) also have a diploma in peds.
Step 2 CK giving Sep 9th.
Grad 2005
1 month peds obs coming up in September 2010
No articles /1 thesis from MD.

Great to see this thread alive and kicking.
I've been asking around whether I should apply Sep 1st and call the programs and tell them that my ck results will be late..will this strategy work?
Hope to get some would really help,guys!


Should I apply to the Match eventhough My 2CS will be reported in October?? Please help.


Hi Mckeem75,

Given the current situation, I am going to apply....lets see what happens!!!
Would suggest the same to you!!


Step 1 - 98/228
Step 2 - Sept '10
Step 3 - Not yet
CS- May (awtg results)
Graduation - 2002
Visa - GC
USCE - presently shadowing @ a clinic
LOR's - working on getting US lors.... very tough!!
US Publications - none

I'm applying for the 2011 match. Good luck to all!

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