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 cs score recheck  

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I have talked to ecfmg about my cs can the data gathering part be completely nil when I have taken the complete history and have done the whole physical examination for all cases...I have also sent for a score recheck...I am feeling very seems that someone is making me accept that I am very very bad by force when I myself know that I am not that is a terrible feeling...


doc2009, failing this exam is hell. I know it because i failed too and i couldn't believe it. A score recheck is useless, because they recheck nothing , they only count your scoring points again. Also, they take too long to "recheck" it, and after that, they send you the report through regular mail (i received mine almost 3 months after i requested the recheck). Gather your stranghts and fight again, you'll do well.
Good luck.


how can I gather strength...I know that I am not going to get any call with attempts in one of the parts of usmle...i have also crossed the 5yr since graduation criteria...


That thing about not receiving calls after a failed exam is a myth. I know many people who have failed either step 1 or CS and are currently doing residency, on the other hand, i know people with 99 on step 1 and CK and received no calls on 2009 match. Many "double 99s" just do not have the attitude or the ability to apply knowledge in clinical practice as well as in an exam, program directors know that. I am confident i will receive calls even though i failed CS once. So be confident doc2009....


thanks for such a confident reply...let me see if I can gather strength to retake the exam...the most problematic part is that I can't understand what mistake I have done...can u leave your email id in my inbox so that if I decide to retake the exam I may get in touch with u...thanks again for all the support...


doc2009, I am in your SAME position.. I passed in CIS, SEP, and even ICE-Patient Note.. but they failed me for DATA GATHERING!! The Data Gathering was all the way to the left with an asterisk next to it.. I AM SHOCKED! I can't believe it.. I did an extensive history and focused physical exam.. I don't understand.. I called ECFMG as well.. requested a score recheck.. I don't know how much it will help.. I heard this has happened to many students in the past.. I smell something is definitely shady about what happened to us.. Where did you take your exam? I took it in Atlanta.. send me your contact info.. my email is [email protected] we must get in touch...


Hey doc2009, you can contact me by sending me private messages here. I'm having some little problems with my e-mail. Sorry for such a delayed response, i was busy.


any progress on this issue
could u update us please


hi everyone,
what is your idea about rechecking of Cs exam?

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