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 HBV reverstranscriptase  

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HBV is DNA virus ,goes to nucleus of host and use host enzyme for transcripton and,,,

why it has reverstranscroptase?? i am confused


B/c its nuclear material is half complete

On Jun 30, 2010 - 6:53 PM, doctorforever responded:
so,what does this partial double strand DNA has to do with need for reverstranscriptase?

in case of HIV ,revers transcriptase is neede to make DNA FROM virus RNA so this DNA CAN BECOME A PART OF host genum ,but i do not understand why HBV needs the enzyme.

please explain more clearly if possible



What i said is not entirely correct

Hep B uses the template (+)RNA to synthesize its progeny ds DNA, thus requires reverse transcriptase


The life cycle of hepatitis B virus is complex. Hepatitis B is one of a few known non-retroviral viruses which use reverse transcription as a part of its replication process. The virus gains entry into the cell by binding to an unknown receptor on the surface of the cell and enters it by endocytosis. Because the virus multiplies via RNA made by a host enzyme, the viral genomic DNA has to be transferred to the cell nucleus by host proteins called chaperones. The partially double stranded viral DNA is then made fully double stranded and transformed into covalently closed circular DNA (cccDNA) that serves as a template for transcription of four viral mRNAs. The largest mRNA, (which is longer than the viral genome), is used to make the new copies of the genome and to make the capsid core protein and the viral DNA polymerase. These four viral transcripts undergo additional processing and go on to form progeny virions which are released from the cell or returned to the nucleus and re-cycled to produce even more copies.[20][22] The long mRNA is then transported back to the cytoplasm where the virion P protein synthesizes DNA via its reverse transcriptase activity.

hope this helps

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