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 blood transfusion reactions  

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if there is ABO missmatch patient shows hemolysis and this happens whitin minutes-hours cause we all have anti ABO s in our body since childhood and they r ready to fight against non similiar ABO antigens so this is an example of hyperacute graft rejection and a type2 hypersensitivity,,i hope i got it right

my question is what is the story about Rh missmatch? since we do n ot have anti Rh in our body unless we have been exposed before sometime during life -pregnancy,abortion or previous blood transfusion--- so now if person for first time receives a blood with missmatched Rh will he show hemolysis aswell? or he just becomes sensetized and makes memory cells which can react in later transfusion in a hyperacute manner?

thanks in advance

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ok,i think even in first time exposure to incompatable Rh we will have hemolysis but not in a hyper acute fashion but as acute reaction.(and this can be an example of one of thoes acute graft rejections which are mediated by antibodies ,not CMI.)


i think same goes for HLA missmatch on WBCs,,,,

please share yout thought,corrections?


It is more simple:

1. In the first exposure to an RhD Ag in a RhD
 negative host, what is going to happen is the creation of memory.
 there is not production of acute hemolysis, because there is not Ab inmediately. The creation of Ab can last at least 2 weeks for IgM and 6 weeks to 12 weeks for IgG.

2. In a second exposure to RhD Ag the B-cell get in touch with the Ag and release the IgG preformed. That is why you see an acute rejection. In the case of the materno-fetal case. But it is a bit the same as it is in the case of transfusion reactions.



great thread,


Good article but i can't know the exact answer...

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