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 looking for online study partner  

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I plan to take step 1 in the end of this September. Just finished Kaplan center preparation. Reviewing kaplan notes by myself and doing questions now. Wonder if anyone has similar test date as I have so we can be study partners via yahoo messenger or MSN. I am in US eastern standard time zone. Thank you. grin



Where are you located on the East coast? I am in South Carolina. I too have just finished the Kaplan center course and i am in need of a Study partner mail me at [email protected]


i'm interested in doing the online discussions.i'm planning togive the exam in dec.if you are interested plz mail me to [email protected]


grin Just emailed you both


I am interested also, please e-mail me :wink:



i am in Massachusetts. planning to take it september. may i join?


Just sent you personal message smiling face


I would like to join u guys my mail [email protected]


Hi there,

It looks like we have the same schedule. Do you mind I join the online study group? My email address: [email protected]

Here is my schedule but it is adjustable if the group need specific order so that we can exchange qs and discussions:
July – Aug : Kaplan notes review / Goljan audio
Aug – Sept: First Aid with Kaplan Q-bank qs (booklet)
October : Q-bank online
Nov or Dec: give it

Study hours:
7:00 am - 8:00 am online each weekday
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm review Mon – Fri
9:00 am – 4:00pm review Saturday
2:00 pm - 9:00 pm weekly review and relax

the schedule is a little aggressive for me since I am working full time during week days and have to be a good mom during weekends. But I think we can make it with study pals' supports and encouragements.


hi everyone!!!
i am also taking the usmle step 1 in late sept-mid oct. i would love to join your group!!!!! grin i like angie's schedule... even though i am not working fulltime... if anyone is interested please email me at [email protected]


hey cococat
Did you make some schedule or plan to follow? Please let us know.


Hi all,

Finally here is my plan:

Exam date: Sept 25,2004
What I have done: Kaplan center prep 3 months
July 5--July 18 (read kaplan anatomy notes once)

What I plan to do before the exam:

1. Read Kaplan notes
July 19--July 26 pathology
July 27--August 4 biochemistry
August 5--August 8 microbiology
August 9--August 16 pharmacology
August 17--August 22 physiology
August 23--August 25 immunology (will read new notes as totally
different from old one)
August 26--August 31 behavioral science

When reading notes, do Q after each chapter and Qbook after each
subject. Do Qbank whenever I can find time and also read explanation.

2. Sept 1 do kaplan simulated CD

3. Sept 2--Sept 8 read FA 2003 once

4. Sept 9--Sept 20 rapid go through kaplan notes once more

Thoughout the review, I will listen to audios whenever I can find time and also do BSS and Goljan step 1 review question book.

I will take 1 week off work in August and 1 week off in Sept to allow more time for study.

I am joining the chat at currently, the twice a week discussion on various subjects, 7 weeks being a cycle then all over again.

Depending on how you think of the schedule, we can either set a time to discuss in the chatroom here or simply all go to and join the discussion there.

Add me to your messenger if you want: [email protected] for MSN and [email protected] for Yahoo messenger.

Let me know what you think, hopefully we can set up the discussion soon... smiling face


hey iam a wk behind, but will try to catch up


hi coco cat!!!
yeah... your schedule is almost like mine....same amount of time for each subject so i will be done all subjects before aug ends.... so are we going to discuss each subject after we finish them or we going to discuss day to day? please email me or write response here.... grin


Hi drdoodles,

Sounds great that we have similar plan. If you are done with anatomy, shall we take one hour out and go over some important points together? Either in the chatroom here (so all others can join too if they want) or via MSN? (I added you to my MSN, haven't seen you online yet smiling face )

How about this weekend, say Sunday night (9/25) 8pm eastern standard time? Just let me know it. smiling face



yeah sunday would be great but i have not looked at anatomy in a really long time... i have your patho schedule and i am at ch.20 and hope to finish all of patho by this weekend!!!! so we can discuss path if you want to? write me here or email me!!! smiling face


patho sounds fine for me. I started patho review from latter half of the book, therefore have covered ch. 20 already. So what do you think we meet at chatroom here tomorrow night (7/25) 10pm eastern time? (I need to go to a BBQ in the afternoon so can't be home earlier than that...) Let me know. grin


i am almost finished patho.....soo close... i think i will be definitely done tommorrow which is the 26/7... just as your you think we can meet up online at 10 then are on my msn contact list now anyway ttyl


Ok. grin Keep in touch via MSN and we will figure something out about this... grin


I intend to take the step 1 exam by the end of this year. Can I join as your study partner?

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