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 chemokine receptor doubt  

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can any one tell me in pertussis they said inhibiting chemokine receptor causes lymphocytosis. can anyone plz explain me why is lymphocytosis
thank u




cuz when chemokines will be inhibited ,, instead of lymphocytes being attracted to the site of infection,, they wont so they stay in the circulation leading to lymphocytosis,,,not sure but i remember reading this

On Sep 14, 2010 - 4:38 PM, step2010 responded:
after so many monthhs i got reply......thank u so much


Agree with ricardoricardo,Pertusis toxin causes inhibition of Gi-protein coupled chemokine receptor signaling which in turn causes inhibition of lymphocyte emigration from the blood into the target tissue.


Thanks for this response! ive been so confused!


I think is a bit more complex than that.


They stay in circulation because they are not able to go to the lymph nodes where they can have encounter with the APCs that may presenting the Ag to the T cell. That is why there is a relative lymphocytosis in a bacterial infection, which is not the general rule.

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