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From the information I got after talking to you, following things are coming to my mind, as you told me that your child has started passing urine more number of times during daytime, I would like to rule out high blood sugar to be the cause of this new onset bed wetting.
Also as you told me that he is complaining of some discomfort while passing urine, there could be some infection or obstruction in his urinary passage, we have excellent ways of picking those things up, we can run an urine exam and do an imaging study which includes a x-ray for urinary passage after injecting a dye, once results will be back, I will be in a better position to tell what we are dealing with.
But most important of all I need to perform a complete physical exam on your child before I can say for sure that there is nothing else that I need to do in order to help Andrew in the best way I can, and for that I would like you to bring him to me as soon as possible.
While we do all this, I want you to know the problem of bed wetting that your child is having could be arising from the change in the environment (school and home) that you mentioned to me, so I would like you to coordinate with his school teacher and a child counselor at his school in order to figure out if there is anything that can be fixed with some non-medical intervention.
Also I would recommend you to keep doing the things like encouraging him to empty his bladder before sleeping, cutting down his fluid intake after 6PM.& rewarding the child when he has dry nights.
Also what you can try is an alarm system during his sleep, especially developed for this kind of the problem that wakes the kid up the moment he starts passing urine in bed.
I also want to inform you there are some medications available which we might CONSIDER along with all this, if we are not able to achieve good results from non- pharmacological methods….

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