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 Work Up on exam  

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Hello everyone,

Sorry for all the stupid questions. for the workup section in the First Aid cases, they often list more than one test in each line.

So my question is, can you write more than one test on each line on the actual exam? I also noticed on the sample notes on the USMLE website, they only list one test per line in the workup.

I apologize for the seeminly endless barage of pointless questions I have been inflicting on all of you. but as my test day draws closer, i am getting very nervous, and want to make sure i dont do things that will cost me points.

If anyone can please let me know what they think is the right thing to do on the workup, i would very much appreciate it.

Thank You!!!!

good luck with all of your studies and exams!


you can list more than one test per line, as long as they are related, e.g> blood tests> electrolytes, glucose, CBC. TFTs then you can order TSH free T4, or you can order LFTs and then you wirte Bilirrubin, AST ALT Alk phos PT, do you get the picture?
If you are ordering images then you just order for example Chest X Ray.
Hope that helps, and there is no such thing as a stupid question, the only stupid question is the one that does not get asked.

Godd luck


Thank you so much wdiagw! that makes perfect sense. thanks for wishing me luck! good luck to you as well!


Try to do only 1 test in 1 line.......certainly not more than 2.


hi dr_puma,
do you mean list no more than one test per line? i've been writing things like:

line 1: CBC, electrolytes, BUN, creatinine, etc
line 2: CT, whatever images....
Line 3: u/a, urine culture
line 4: rectal with stool for occult blood
line 5: ekg, whatever else indicated

*this is not meant to be for any specific case or differential, just an example.
so what i'm asking is, is this ok, or do you think writing no more than 1 test per line is the best way?

thank you for your reply, and if you get to read this new post, would you please let me know? thank you!


I recently took exam.
1 doctor asked this doubt at exam.
The exam co-ordinator said , u can write related things in one line.

Edited by Aruna99 on May 21, 2010 - 6:25 PM


thanks for the reply Aruna99! good luck with your score!


Thx sleepy_student0

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