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 For anyone who failed SEP  

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Hi all,
Finally I have time to send this message. English is not my first language.grin I really want to send this message to anyone who failed SEP. I had bad experience in failed SEP in my first exam.disapproval yes, I was very disappointed and felt down down and down...........sad I prepared for 3 months before took first exam with native english teacher.shocked What happened to me??? Why I failed??? oh!! unbelievable!! unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!sticking out tonguesticking out tongue

After woke up from nightmare, I read topic from everyone who post about failed CS before that I never read anything about the reason to failed CS. Just read how to pass CS. And Ii realized that I might failed from some reason. 1. I finished almost all cases before time up. 2. I speak too fast (everyone recommend speak slow and clear). 3. SOME WORDS SP CANNOT UNDERSTAND MY ACCENT.

Anyway I need time to heal my heart.......and need almost a yearsticking out tongue

I started to prepare second attempt CS exam. I learned with new english teacher and decided to retake second attempt. This time I prepared more about professional manner and rapport even I passed this part in the first time but I think it's important and I thought I didn't do anything like professional manner and rapport in my first attempt.

My second attempt: Did I change anything from first attempt? I asked myself afer finished exam.

1. I still finished all cases before time up. shocked

2. I still ask same questions as my first attempt just changed a little bit. raised eyebrow

3. I had one sp asked me repeat question and she said sorry she couldn't understand my accentshocked\

All of those scared me so much and made me worry about my report. Finally and Luckily I passed.

Now I will getting start advice from my opinion. Again I'm not good in english.

1. Practice with American or who speak english as primary langauge. Once you start simulate cases or even start ask questions. Write all of any words that they cannot understand you or ask you twice because after that they will understand you all after you practice with them more than three times. Then look at every single words that you have problem with pronounce and try to speak clearly or if possible change to another words which much easy to understand. I think this is important point for me that make me passed in my second attempt because my first attempt I stucked with some words and more than 3 sps couldn't understand me so I changed to another way to explain.

2. Professional manner and rapport : still important because I think it reflect everythings

3. Don't have to memory all of questions. Try to relax and you can skip some questions that not necessary. Please review how to pass cs, you will see it's not necessary to ask all of questions.

I just changed a little bit and then I passed but I still have to prepared before took an exam.

Good luck everyone!


well done


Thanks! dr_puma. I remembered I read your post but don't remember in detail anyway thanks a lotwinkgrin




Congrats. pc9191, could you tell us a bit more for improving the CIS score?




@vasorum I just had to express more feeling when they said or act anything bad. Like I understand how you feel . We'll work together to get through this. That must be very worrying you or this can't be an easy time for you. Just said in the right situation. My first attempt even they tried to tell me about sad story of family history I just do like thisrolling eyes mean didn't say anything and then just keep asking all questionssticking out tongue


Thanx pc9191, good luck!

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