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A PAITENT WITH PAROTIDIS and increased salivation ,what happens in sliva;

1-high sodium concentration


3-low bicharbonate concentration

4-small volume


HIgh sodium


that is what i thought but answer is 2!

i know when saliavory secteion increase less NA will be reabsorbed so the saliva osmolarity -which is normaly hyptonic-approch plasma-isotonic- while HCP3 increase.,,,but kaplan answr is 2!


Low flow rate —> hypotonic (more time to reabsorb Na & Cl)
High flow rate --> closer to isotonic ( less time to reabsorb Na+ and CL).

On May 10, 2010 - 10:57 PM, doctorforever responded:
so,how do you explain the answer to my question?


I think the secretion is always hypotonic, but in high flow rate it is gonna be still hypotonic but approaching isotonicity,
++ Na is hypertonic and always associated with genetic defects

for me the answer for this question was out of exclusion as not any other one is applicable

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