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Is there anyone from China currently living in New York City plan to take USMLE step 1?


My greetings. I am not in NYC, TX instead. I plan on finishing usmle tests in 2004. I will probably take step 1 spring next year, just bought the books. How about you? I always think it is helpful to exchange ideas with people who are doing the same thing.


I just bought Kaplan 2003 step 1 lecture notes. Thinking of studying the books at home first. The preparation class in Kaplan is expensive, so I am not sure if I want to go yet. And also it would be more helpful if I go over the subjects first before I go to any commercial classes. I want to take the test in 2004. Step 1 first, then hopefully step 2. Are you also from China? I think I have a lot work to do since I learned everything in Chinese before... What kind of books are you reading for the test?


I am using Kaplan series too. I fully understand your situation since I am from China too. I graduated from a medical school in China in 1997 so it has been years I have been out of the school now all in a sudden I have to pick everything up all in a foreign language. Lucky enough I finally swiched to a part-time job recently so that I can have some time to do things that I need to do. What is your situation? How much time do you spend on your study every week/day? You see I just started this week and anxious to know where I am at.


I graduated in 1998. Did 3 years of residency in internal medicine, then 1 year rheumatology. Currently doing research in rheumatology in a hospital here. My work is full time. I just started reading high yield anatomy a week ago or so. I bought kaplan books from someone online but have not received the books yet. Waiting for them to really start study. I plan to take step 1 in the period july-sept next year. Then step 2 by the end of 2004. I will be working full time all next year, but I guess 1 year study should be fine. Are you going to take any classes in TX? What else are you studying beside kaplan books? We can actually register for next year exam on Aug 14 or so...



Share information. Contact with me.

[email protected]

Good luck!


Hi jiajia, if you plan on taking step 2 at the end of next year, do you still have enough time to participate in the 2005 match? It must be hard for you to deal with a full time job and the preps at the same time. I worked in a research instutute in my previous job too and my boss demanded tremendous dedication I did not have any time for myself. What specialities are you interested in? Maybe we can talk more and share some information. my email is [email protected]


I am also in Texas and studying for my PhD degree in biomedical sciences. I am in my first year of PhD study. I graduated from medical college in China in 2000 and then got a master degree in internal medicine (digestive disease <focus on cancer>). I wish to prepare for my USMLE from now and do you have any suggestions for my plan schedule? Thanks.


Hi, my name's Nyama. I just start studying for step1. I need advise from any one out there. I need help about books and materials. Any one who experiensed, please contact with me. My e-mail is [email protected]


Greetings Jiajia! grin How is your preparation going on? I am in NYC and just started study USMLE. Here is my e-mail: [email protected] Hope to contact you.


I am also from China and want to take the exams. Could we prepare together?


[email protected]


Hi Jiajia and NYC USMLErs :P

I am in NYC and plan to take the USMLE next year. Maybe we can group together ... I was from China too and came to the States 6 years ago.

Email me at [email protected] if you are interested!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



I am from China too. I find it is hard to concentrate UMSlE because I have a full time job and a five-year old daughter. So the progrss is very slow. We could talk about this if anybody has the similar situation.


Oh, you know, if you study more than you sleep... that could surely make you smart. But I'd love you just the same. :P


I graduated from Shanghai 1n 1994, have a full time job too, no child, but the job is so demanding, so i can understand your situation... which states r u in ?, my email: [email protected]

anybody interested welcome to reply, tks


hi, everyone
I also came from China. I am a PhD student in physiology, I can only squeeze some time to prepare USMLE step 1. I plan to take the exam this fall and want to share informations with your guys.
my email [email protected]

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