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 olgilvie syndrome  

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What is it ?


Ogilvie's syndrome may be?


chronic paralisis of the bowel due to neurologic condition or extended narcotic use.


"mdwannabe" wrote:
chronic paralisis of the bowel due to neurologic condition or extended narcotic use.

Hatts of to you Mdwannabe smiling face ,you are great .

Yes seen in elderly pts/post op cases .


basically it is a pseudo-ileus, an also be caused by surgical intervention, then such episode is acute. it is characterized by dilation with out obvious obstr.


agree smiling face


how do we treat it?


Conservative treatment is appropriate first step with minimal symtoms
And aggresively teratment of underlying illness


:arrow: withdraw narcotics and anticholinergics

:arrow: endoscopic colonic decompression


:-) exellent memory asmi... consider NG tube for possible regurg and aspiration, and aid in decompression. :-)

zhenka... how would u aggressivley treat it and what is your idea of conservatism????


smiling face


endoscopic colonic decompression - it's conservative not invasive :-)


but what about aggressive?
And I'd say sticking a long tube up my butt would be rather invasive and quite radical :-) :-) :-)


yes we have to do cautiously ,otherwwise it can become invasive smiling face



DMNZ grin/


hey can anyone tell me the diff B/w pseudoileus , paralytic ileus & gall stone ileus ?


gall stone ileus :arrow: gall stone passing through choledochoduodenal fistula and getting stuck in small bowel to cause ileus.

paralytic ileus :arrow: also called adynamic ileus, is impaired GI motility secondary to either direct peritoneal irritation(as in peritonitis), or due to retroperitoneal hematoma, or nerve root compression etc.

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