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 post operative analgesia  

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Q. regarding post operative analgesia, WOF is true
a. morphine is safer than pethidine
b. should be given strictly according to mg/kg body weight
c. elderly patients often need lower doses to achieve comfort
d. IM pethidine should not be repeated before 4 hrs
e. IM pethidine is safer than subcut route


:oops: Yes i saw that might be C


I think morphine is not safer than pethidine and we can repeat analgesia again and again and some pts require higher dosage, so probably b is not correct. Both pethidine choices are not looking convincing.

I think C can be a good choice. In elderly a lot of dg doses have to be readjusted (I remember that from goljan lectures).


I agree with C.


the dose may need to be adjusted in elderly patients
good work

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