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Smoking is a risk factor for all of theses except one:
a- Bladder cancer
b- osteoporosis
c- lung cancer and COPD
d- Breast and cervical cancer
e- atherosclerosis


A - I think


it is D.Smoking is not a risk for breast ca.bladder ca is associated with smoking even more than lung ca.For cervical ca smoking is number one risk factor.


son64 - you are right, but for cervical cancer is etiologically related to infection with the human papillomavirus, not smoking at all.
what do you think?


Its D. Smoking is NOT related to Breast or Cervical Ca.
There are two types of bladder Ca. Transitional Cell Ca which has strong association to smoking, and Sq. cell Ca, which is associated with Schistosoma.


Smoking is a risk factor for cervical ca.look at the kaplan notes,preventive medicine part.


The answer is D
Since smoking is not a risk factor for breast cancer, it makes the whole answer false. But smoking is involved in cervical cancer and the rest.


To the best of my knowledge all are associated with smoking except breast cancer.... 8)




i wasnt sure about osteoporosis either, but it is associated with smoking (Current Medical diagnosis 2006). Guess it must be D.


D, smoking not related w/breast cancer, but related w/ cervical cancer.


its b...osteoporosis


Smoking can make breathing difficult. Smokers often have coughing fits, even when not actually smoking.
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