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The notes looks very promising ! I just glanced at them, really good job. I can imagine, the waiting is the most painful part in the whole process, I guess. But as your notes show, you worked very hard, and hard work never goes to waste. smiling face In no time you will be rewarded.

All the best ! And thanks. nod


Oh, wanted to ask, may you tell me what sources ( UW? , Kaplan?, FA ?) you used to create your notes, please ?


I concluded all the cases from FA(3rd edition), UW, and Neeje's note, and that's all, I seen all those stuff and managed to put them together, but mostly I follow FA more


Thanks for answering . You sure used golden combination.


Hi Lin, I have reviewed your notes. You are such a well organised doctor. nod Yea, It takes a lot of time to produce such complete notes. I hope you will get what you have paid for in the end. Thanks for your helping hand and kindness to share ur notes with other people. smiling face


this is a very good notes, it will compete with neeraj notes in no time... thank u for sharing that effort with us, i`ll give u a pass so congratulation in advance..nod


hi mayonnaise not often to see IMG from Taiwan too, anyway good luck on ur hospital work and study in CS smiling face


thank you hyvee, I worked pretty hard on this, and only reward I want to get is that "pass" lol, it's a interesting experience to talked with different ppl and practice cases online


i started to read your notes carefully, it is amazing , it has everything... u are one of tigers here... i just wanted to thank u again..smiling face


hehe, thanks hyvee, hope you can throw CS behind easily grin


Agree, I'm reading them too, very good work. nod Thanks againg for sharing.


I think, it would be good idea if you would number the pages for better orientation. I'm printing them out, and there are no numbers on pages.


yeah, forget to do that, those are pages on pdf files, wont show any page when u print it out, will add pages num soon


thank you very much. that was a very brilliant work!!


thanks ! love the challenging Q part ..


simply love ur work
u will b in my prayers


You make all Taiwanese IMGs proud grin


hey its nice of you to share the notes, but dont take the credit away from the orignal writer of the notes. the notes have been here for over 6-8 months now. i used them 7 weeks back while preparing for my exam. good luck every1 on their exam


Hello docatlanta it may look like something you read before, because we all read FA/UW/ and Neeje's note, but I manage to summarize those things and put into my words, and everything you see I type it out myself, so duplication will not be a problem. I wont take credit on things doesnt belong to me, I am the original writer to this note

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