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"usmleasr" wrote:
what % of CTEV is bilateral and what r associations with it ?

Talipes equinovarus ?

50% cases bilateral
associations : DDH ,spina bifida and :roll:


do u know what is barlow and galezzi sign ?


yep u r correct....CDH and SPINA BIFIDA are most important ass with CTEV...though others like arthogryposis can also exist..


:idea: what investigations will u do in a case os SCFE ?


"asmi" wrote:
do u know what is barlow and galezzi sign ?

i know barlow to demonstarte dislocatable hip....CDH by adducting and push back to elicit click which demonstrates dislocatable hip...

ortolani test demonstartes CDH by reduction of dislocated hip

no idea about gallezi sign sad


"asmi" wrote:
:idea: what investigations will u do in a case os SCFE ?

thyroid and gonadal function can be SCFE cases..

o.k asma ..shall we stop here?


thanks usmleasr smiling face

so in LCP..its painless limping first and later painful limpingin 4-12 yrs age boy
in DDH....3 yrs age,Family H/O present ,
SCFE...11 yrs adolescent

sure lets stop here smiling face

So when will we do rest 9 chapters ?


whichever time comfortable for u ....may be tuesday...we will post in study group case of any changes..


Tuesday sounds good smiling face

ok then see you



bye.. smiling face


I want to say that both have an increase in indirect bilirubine and sometimes cephaloh. requires phototherapy.But both could give the icterus.

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