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 Heart Failure  

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Can someone please explain systolic and diastolic heart failure and their effects on LVEDP and LVEF and LV cavity as to dilatation or normal



CHF is generally classified as systolic or diastolic heart failure.

Systolic heart failure: The pumping action of the heart is reduced or weakened. A common clinical measurement is the EF. Systolic heart failure has a decreased ejection fraction of less than 50%.

Diastolic heart failure: The heart can contract normally but is stiff, or less compliant, when it is relaxing and filling with blood. This impedes blood filling into the heart and produces backup into the lungs and CHF symptoms. The EF is normal.

I strongly recommend for you to read this article;

This article will explain the Systolic HF Vs Diastolic HF and the parameters your question asked for with tables, charts, and pic.

Best of luck~


Thanks venus 6 .I am posting a question on this topic .Do check it out

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