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 10 Tips to pass Step2 CS 1st time  

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Practical tips and insights into the exam , FREE!

Please click on the weblink and check out the 10 tips to pass CS (most views on Youtube for step 2 cs tips ) and many many more FREE tips on the subtab.

Helping you shine at your best,


P.S> If you need further help pl. consider signing up for our Online Skype Coaching or LIve coaching in India with a mock exam !! You are welcome to take a free trial with Dr Mary June, Co author First Aid for the CS 3rd edition ( listed as Dr. Mary Iruthayanathan, Univ of Iowa Page ix ) and get a personalized review of your performance. If you think it was helpful you can join our course. Good luck !

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DAY 1 Saturday
Overview of the exam
Hi yield focus areas
Getting prepared mentally/physically
Procedures before exam
Conduct code
During the Exam
- At the Door
- Inside the encounter room
- At the Desk
- Between encounters
Focused History taking
Methodical analyses of symptoms/signs
Challenging questions
Patient Encounter
Overview of Cases for the exam
Physical Exam Demonstration
General Examination
Quick exam of Cardiovascular system
Quick exam of Respiratory system
Quick Exam of Nervous system
Quick Exam of Musculoskeletal system
Unique cases
Do’s and Don’t’s
Hands on physical exam
Recording information from patient in blue sheet
Recording information from patient in blue sheet
DAY 2 Sunday
Overview of mock exam timing
Live Mock exam with 6 patients
Live Mock exam with 6 patients
Individualized written feedback
for history and physical exam
Online access to recorded encounter
of each student with SP
Patient notes corrected by physicians
Final tips
Free online support 3 months after student takes the course !


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Check out Tips from Target for Step 2 CS at :

Time to shine !!!


Hi folks,

Thought for the day .........I read from a site that GOALS in life are like items in a supermarket.

There are 2 things to decide 1) whether you want it 2) what price are you willing to pay for it.

Life I believe is a superstore where for every goal (item) you have to calculate first whether you can afford it (price) in terms of hardwork and effort to achieve that goal. Nice thought to mull over .........wink


Is there an NBME for step 2 CS?

After all the ardous prep for step 1 the best assessment after completing Uworld is to take an NBME? Wish there was one for Step 2 CS to know where we stand.

To me, I think practising with someone who has already passed the exam - gone through the drill - and better still someone who has been guiding and helping /tutoring students across different culture and diversity would be the best bet. They are at a disposition to assess your Communication skills, Data gathering and SPoken English. Try to find at least 2 people to give you an opinion of your skills before you go for the real deal.

Target USMLE offers the following services:

1) LiveStep 2 CS coaching in India- 2 day weekend course including course material

2) Online course inclusive of study materials and complete history taking sheet (copyrighted)- 10 sessions of 1 hour each

3) Assessment before taking exam (once or twice as per candidates option)

Please visit my website or email at [email protected]. Skype ID is mjjune1

For my free tips check out this link ! Keep rocking at your best …..

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Which the most vital minute in the 15 minute encounter ?

TO know if you answered right below

Help you shine at your best,



Hope you guys are rocking at your best!

I just wanted to add another note to this blog:

Sometimes the doorway information is so vague you have absolutely NO IDEA what system or what DD's are pertinent to the case at hand.

DONT will know as soon as you enter and ask for the chief complaints KEEP YOUR COOL and jot down the DD's as soon as you hear the SP talk !!

For SKYPE ONLINE CLASSES with me PM me for details or contact me at [email protected]

STEP 2 CS : Do it once ...........Do it right !






check out our next video on youtube  : how to take joint history


how long does cs need for prep? 1 month or more? what books would u recommend FA?


Depends really your basic knowledge of medical sciences, spoken english,typing, no. of hours of study you can afford to allot, practice etc. Contact us at for a detailed study plan or add us on to skype ( ID mjjune1)


Hey I need a study partner for step 2cs on may 17 .anyone interested please message me .! Urgent .the centre is in Philly .


The link is actually a route guide towards the exam. I clicked on the link and then a whole new page opened up telling about the exam and the questions involved in it. The physical exam demonstration seems to be the most difficult one among the lot.

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10 Tips to pass Step2 CS 1st time
10 Tips to pass Step2 CS 1st time
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