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 Nuprin, Welcome back!  

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We all missed you here! ) Hope you had a great time in Mexico.


thanks! i've missed you guys, too! my friends were making fun of me for hanging out here so much. smiling face

mexico was a blast. i highly recommend it--make sure you do all inclusive!


Hi Nuprin! yeah welcome back!
I surprised while you were gone.... found out that you was a LADY! :P :P :P ......after our test can you be my Spanish tutor???? hehehehe


welcome back!!!
we miseed u a lot! grin


Welcome back!


:roll: aw, shucks.

don't know spanish, unfortunately, even though i was a linguistics major in college. i plan to get through my medical spanish for dummies book bf i start rotations in sept, tho! it will be very useful for the pts that come to our teaching hospital.

funny how there are no real gender assignments in these forums, but we kinda make assumptions... am i right in thinking that both elm and docarjun are female? i initially assumed both of you were male.

wow, i've got a lot of messages to get through. if anyone asked me anything and i don't respond, feel free to pm or post again here!


Yeah Nuprin ....we are both little ladies like you! :wink: :wink: :wink:
I am getting neruos.... 10days.....what should i be doing now?????


not stressing!

easy to say, not so easy to do, huh? remember me right before?? stressing just wastes time. just calmly revise FA, pharm, and other areas in which you might be fuzzy or weak. finish up goljan if you haven't yet. do lots of questions. get lots of sleep in your final days. eat well, take vitamins. you're gonna do great!


hi nuprin, glad to have you back!

still studying, and getting frustrated with pharma! :evil:


and i'm a lady too grin i guess there's a majority of us females in this board than males :wink:


how funny!!! i just assumed everyone was male. i wonder if that's sexist of me... i guess none of us have intrinsically feminine pseudonyms like "flower," "goddess," or "princess," huh? grin


hey Nuprin, I found another one that works. don't worry about tyring to figure out the chronotron thing. I'm sorry if i wasted your time. Thanks a lot for helping though....much appreciated, especially these last few moments before the test.


no sweat. i'm glad to help now that i have the time.

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