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 lobular carcinoma insitu  

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lobular carcinoma of breast :

1. is it precancerous lesion ?

2. what is the treatment for it ?


I think it is already a cancer and because it is often bilateral, the best treatment is bilateral mastectomy.


Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS, lobular neoplasia): The term, "in situ," refers to cancer that has not spread past the area where it initially developed. LCIS is a sharp increase in the number of cells within the milk glands (lobules) of the breast. Many physicians do not classify LCIS as breast cancer and often encounter LCIS by chance on breast biopsy while investigating an area of concern. LCIS patients are closely monitored every four months with physician performed clinical breast exams in addition to receiving yearly mammography. Other preventive options may also be available for patients with LCIS, including tamoxifen or prophylactic mastectomy (preventive breast removal). Click here to learn more about LCIS.

1. is is mostly benign .Ration of 1:10 for malignancy.It is not precancerous lesion ,though it shows that pt has increased chances of breast cancer in future.

2.Wait and watch


Thanks Asmi for the link it is pretty much how it is presented on Blueprints of OBG and the treatment they propose for LCIS is not watchful waiting but local excision.
In the link you gave, there is a part that talks about invasive lobular carcinoma . I guess without precision, there where no way of knowing witch one you were talking about.
If these specialists have problems about LCIS from its classification to its treatment, then sad
Thanks again.


sorry Maty ,what i meant was they say close surveillance for cancer by twice yearly examinations and yearly mammography for lobular carcinoma insitu..this is what i read and wanted to be clear about it .well yes finally u go for excision . But my Q was about initial mangement .

It has nothing to do with precision though smiling face :wink:

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