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 can any body help  

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Oxygen dept are produced due to..........

accumulation of calcium in the muscle>>

accumulation of end product such as lactic acid>>

deplation of ATP source inside the cell>>

accumulation of creatin phosphate>>

Both (a) and (b) are correct>>

Which one of the following is not a charecteristic of slow twitch fiber?>>

It ha more mitocohndria>>

It has more glycogen store>>

Anaerobic respiration enzyme is more active>>

It ha a few mitochondria>>

All of above are included>>

As the antagonist muscle contract at the same time...............>>

Forcefull contaction occurs in individual muscle>>

Extremities can not be moved in any direction>>

Extremitiy is strengthen>>

Tendons of muscle are released from the bones>>

(a) and (d) are correct>>


why any body can't solve this problem this is the physiology forum

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