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 can anybody help me for these quest  

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1. If the Na-K pump is blocked by an agent what happens?
a)Resting membrane potential is preserved
b)Depolarization occurs
c)Saltatory conduction along the axon is supressed
d)Sodium enter into the cell
e)Both (b) and (d) are correct
2. In the absolute refractory period of action potential?
Na channels is completely opened
K channel are completely closed
The cell can be depolarized by higher stimulus strength
The cell can reach to threshold easily
All of above
3. As the enzyme monoamine oxidase is inhibited.........................
a) Catecholamines accumulate in the synaptic cleft
b) Acetylcholine is relased from synaptic knob
c) Adrenergic neeurotransmitter start to synthesize
d) Hyperpolarization is produced
e) None of above
4. Peripheral nerves system does not include...........
a) Brain
b) Spinal cord
c) Spinal nerve
d) Sensory nerve
e) (a) and (b)
5. When a spinal nerve is cut, which one of following is true?
a) All the coordinated mucle contraction are failed
b) The region supplied with the nerve do not receive sensory signal
c) Theregion supplied with the nerve do not receive motor signal
d) Autonomic function in the affected region of body is failed
e) (b) and (c) are correct
6. Cranial nerve originates from.............
a) Brain stem b) Medulla c)Pons d)Hindbrain
e) All of above
7. Which impulses is conducted through spinal cord by the dorsal pathway
a) Mechanical stimuli b) Proprioceptive stimuli
c) Stimuli from thermoreceptor d) Stimuli from pain receptor
e) ( c ) and (d) are correct
8. What happens to the animals when the occipital lobe of brain destroyed?
a) Somatic muscle contraction do not ocur
b) Visual impulse do not recognized
c) Deafness ocur
d) Motor activity in eye muscle is distrubted
e) None of them
9. Which one is not true for reticular formation?
a) It is neural structure in cortex
b) ?t is center related with autonomic function
c) It sends excitotory impulses to the motor neuron in ventral horn of spinal
d) It sends ipulses all area of cortex cerebri
e) All of above are correct
10. Efferent impulses from serebellum goes to the……….
a) Talamus b) Red nucleus c)Vestibular nucleus
d) Pontin reticular formation e) All of above
11. Which one of following is not function of hypothalamus?
a) control release of hormone from hypophysis.
b) Control autonomic function
c) Regulate thirst sensation
d) Activate feding reflex
e) All of above are true
12. Which one of following ocur when basal ganglia are destroyed?
a) Sensation of light impulses do not recieved by animals
b) Oxytocin released decrease from hypophysis
c) Complex fine movements do not made regularly
d) Fast complex muscle contruction is not mediated
e) Both (c) and (d) are correct
13. Tectorial membrane provides.........
a)stimulation of hairy cell on the basilar membrane
b)stimulation of afferent fibers in the basilar membranes
c)Vibration of bones in the middle ear
d)Equlibrium in the body
e)Transmission of impulses from outer ear to the middle ear
14. Which one of the cell in the retina are responsible for the color vision?
a) Cone cells b) Rod cells c) bipolar cells
d) amacrin cells
e) ganglion cells
15. Which one of following is not true for receptor cell
Stimulated by external stimuli
Converts the physical stimuli to the electrical impulse
Generate action potential
Generate receptor potential in response to stimulation
Tranmit the impulses to the afferent neurons
16. Calcium ions during the contaction binds to the..................
a)Tropomyozin of the actin filament
b)Troponin of the actin flament
c)Myosin filament
d)Sarcolemmal protein
e)(c) and (d) are correct
17. Sliding during the contractions occurs.....................
a)Between actin G molecule
b)Between myosin and myosin heads
c)Between actin and myosin
d)Between two sarcomere
e)Between tropomyozin and troponin filament
18. What happens, when the Na concentration increase intercellular space (Tissue space),
a) Cell shrinkage occur b) cell lose water c) cell become hypotonic
d) Cell’s enzymes are inactivated e) Both (a) and (b) are correct
19. Hemoglobin amount in the red blood cell depends on .....................
a)synthesis of hemoglobin in the stem cell of red blood cell in bone marrow
b)the amount of the Fe+ ions in the bone marrow
c)transport of Fe+ ions to the bone marrow
d)the synthesis of globin molecule
e) All of above are true
20. Coagulation in the blood vessel is initiated by........
a)the release of thrombocytes from bone marrow
b)the thromboplastin released from thrombocytes
c)tissue factors released from damaged tissue cells
d)activation of factor X
e)conversion of protrombin to thrombin
21. Which one of the following cells can make phagocytosis?
a) Neutrophil b) Basophil c) Eosinophil d) Mast cell b) Plasma cell
22. How a T cell is activated and specified?
a)By the relase of blood hormones
b)As the macrophage presents the antigen to the T cell
c)As the T cell is activated by helper B cell
d)As the circulation increase to the inflamed region
e)As the coagulation occur arround the inflamed region
23. The closed circulatory system do not comprise:...............
a)four chambered heart
b)two chambered heart
c)vessels having valve
d)hemocoel filled with hemolymph
24. Sinus venosus is a region that ...................................
a) collect blood from the veins in frog
b) generate automatic stimuli for the contruction of the heart muscle
c) recieve unoxygenated blood
d) send blood to the atria
e) All of above
25. Which one of the following is true for pericardium?
a) In the absence of it, the heart can be damaged by the increased tension
b) It decrease the friction between the myocardium and the neighboring
c) It provides the filling of the chambers
d) It prevents the signal transmisison from the heart
e) None
26. Which one of the following is the function of AV valve?
a) to control blood flow to the lungs
b) to control the blood flow to the aorta
c) to prevent the backflow to the atria
d) to prevent back flow to the ventricules
e) Both (c) and (d) are correct
27. Which one of the following are true for the action potential generated by contractile cell?
a) The length of the action potential is longer than the SA node cell
b) It is triggered by the stimuli from neighboring cell
c) It has more negative resting potential than the automatic cell
d) Slow calcium and sodium curents provide plato phase in these cell
e) All of the above are true
28. The P wave in the ECG can be recorded during the ....................
a) left ventricule in diastole
b) atrial depolarization
c) ventricular depolarization
d) izovolumetric contraction of the ventricule
e) purkinje fibre is depolarized
29. According to the starling’s law of the heart?
a) Increased venous return inrease ventricular contraction
b) Increased periheral resistance decrease the cardiac output
c) Pressure in vessel depends on the blood volume
d) Less blood volume means less blood pressure
e) All of above are true
30. Cardiac regulatory center is in……………….
a) the brain b) the brainstem c) Medulla spinalis d) Midbrain
e) Hypothalamus region of the brain
31. Which of the following are relased from kidney due to the less blood flow?
a) Angitensin b) rennin c) adrenalin d) norepinephrin
a) angiotensinogen
32. What happens as a result of blockage in the lymphatic system?
a) increased blood circulation
b) increased hydrostatic pressure in the intercellular space
c) accumulation of fluid in the intercellular space
d) inflamation in the intercellular space
e) Both (b) and (c) are correct
33. Arrhthmia occurs
a) As a result of ischemia in myocardium of ventricles
b) As the normal conduction through the his bundle is blocked
c) As a result of ?ncreased stimulation of SA node
d) As a result of generation of automatic stimuli from conducting fibers
e) All of above are true
34 Which one of the following is an adaptation to increase oxygen carrying to the tissues?
a) the synthesis of pigment molecules
b) the aeration of the lung
c) decreased surface tension
d) the formation of blood cell carrying pigment molecule for oxygen
e) Both (a) and (d) are correct
35. The cilated cell lining the respiratory tract?
a) phagosite the particles in the air
b) secreate mucus to the lumen of the tract
c) filtered the air
d) propel the mucus including dust from air to the pharynx
e) Both (c) and (d) are correct
36. Which of the following is the function of the surfactant?
a) It lubricates the alveolar surface
b) It increase diffusion of gases through the membrane
c) It facilitiate the expansion of the lungs
d) It decrase the surface tension of the alveolar surface
e) Both (c) and (d) are correct
37. Oxygen binding to the hemoglobin molecule increase when .................
a) the pH of the blood increase
b) 2-3 diphosphoglycerate increase
c) temperature increase
d) the partial pressure of oxygen in the atmospheric air increase
e) None of them
38. The most of the CO2 is carried in HCO3 form. In which of the following, the HCO3 production increase?
a) As the tissue cells are more active
b) As the tissue cell relase more CO2
c) As the respiration decrease
d) As the more acid relased from tissues
e) By all of above
39. What happens due to the hypoxia?
a) Less O2 is carried to the tissue
b) Gas exchange increase between alvoli and blood
c) respiration increase
d) Both (a) and (c) are correct
e) None
40 What is the difference of protonephridia from metanephridia?
a) It has no glomerulus
b) The tubule of the protonephridia are not enclosed with capillary network
c) The head of protonephridia opens to the coelom
d) The reabsorbtion do not take place around the tubule of protonephridia
e) Excretory duct opens to the surface of the body in protonephridia
41. Where the filtration occurs?
a) Glomerulus b) Ureter d Renal cortex
a) Renal medulla e) Renal pelvis
42. The contraction of smooth muscle around the ureter provides................
a) filtration of urine to the pelvis renalis
b) secration of more concentrated urine from the kidney
c) less urine production
d) Conduction of urine from pelvis renalis to the urinary bladder
e) Both (a) and (b)

43. What happens when the osmotic pressure in the glomerular capillaries increase?
a) Less fluid is filtrated through the glomerulus
b) Blood pressure in the systemic circulation decrease
c) Hypoosmotic urine is produced
d) Blood volume decrease
e) The secration of sodium ion increase
44. The function of pretubular capillaries
a) To excrete especially uric acid to the tubule of the nephron
b) To reabsorb needed materials from filtrate
c) To remove waste product from blood
d) To dilate the urine
e) Both (b) and (c) are correct
45. What happens when the ADH is released more
a) More sodium is retained in the body
b) Less protein is excreted by the urine
c) More water are excreted by the urine
d) Blood pressure decrease
e) More water is retained in the body
46. Which kind of digestions occur additionally in ruminants?
a) Fat digestions b)Selulose digestions c)Plastic digestions
d) Lipid soluble vitamins digestion e) Complex carbohydrate digestion
47. What happens, when the pyloric sphincter remains in closed state?
a) The pressure in the stomach increase
b) More fluid is reabsorbed along the intestine
c) Peristalsis increase and stop in the duodenum
d) Less secration occur in the stomach
e) More mucus is secreted from the wall of stomach
48. Which one of the following are not released from stomach
a) Pepsin b) Tyripsin c) Intrinsic factor d) Mucus e) HCl
49. Pancreozymin is a hormone that leads to the ...................
a) contraction of gall bladder
b) release of HCO3 rich juices from pancreas
c) less release of HCl from pancreas
d) icreased reabsorbtion of water
e) Excreation of more water
50. What happens when the digestive channel is overstimulated by parasymphatetic nerve continously?
a) Diarrhea appear
b) The movement of undigested food along the tract decrease
c) Less movement occur along the channel
d) Absorbtion of water increase and result in constipation
e) None

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