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I had a problem with a UW question. First of all from my understanding a right sided MI is treated wtih fluids not beta blockers, please correct me if im wrong.

So in the question a 55y/o male pt comes in with substernal chest pain, has normal EKG and on stress test has ST depression in leads II, III and aVF (isnt that right sided MI?) so then it asks whats the best treatment for this patient, answer is beta blockers.

i am confusing treatments of right sided vs left sided MIs can someone sort this out for me please?


right MI is different from right sided failure

not all infarctions will develop failure........right now they r asking for infartion treatment


If he has ST depression with exercise stress test in DII, III, aVF, that is inferior ischemia in the setting of angina pectoris and not MI. And you know that in angina pectoris we can give beta-blockers.
The picture of a right ventricular MI would be different, and in that case you are giving fluids and refrain from NG or beta-blockers because they produce marked hypotension


great thank you both! so ...........if right ventriclar MI is different, how would it present ?

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