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Can you explain the difference between the different forms of Hepatitis ?

is there a easy way to remember the differences?


look at mrs ..
there a good table defferentiating between them
hope u have mrs ..
if u don't i'll type it for u but give me some time as i have an exam


Hey . I don't have mrs. Would you be able to type it.



first do u mean pathological types of hepatitis
acute & chronic ??
or u mean viral hepatitis ??
A , B , C , D & E


how i learned;

HEV and HAV are fecal-oral,,,the rest can be transmitted sexual,parenteral,,,HBV also can be transmited vertical.

ONLY THESE Igs can provide you the forever protection(if u have these ig u never get the diz in your life); which are IgG FOR HAV ,IgG for HEV and igG for Hbs of HBV.

HEV and HAV DO NOT BECOME CHRONIC ,OTHERS CAN BECOME CHRONIC,,,becoming chronic means they can cause cirrhosis and HCC

fulminant-acute liver faliur-is seen in PREGANAT PERSON WITH HEV(HEV only in pregnat can become fulminant ) also others(HBV,HCV,HDV) can become fulminant in ANY PATIENt

if you have HDV forsure you have HBV aswell,because HDV can not replicate without HBV (HDV either is coinfection WITH HBV or superinfected ON HBV)


when you have chronic diz u r also carrier for that pathogen(you carry the Ag) ,when you are carrier/chronnic ,means you are not cured and u have the chance to develope cirrhosis /HCC.

about HBV;

incubation period; the ONLY thing that shows u have the virus in you is HBs Ag,,,so u have no symptom,(no jundice,...) no elevated liver enzyme no nothing! but positive HBs Ag

then u enetr acute phase; what is positive labs? HBs Ag ,HBe Ag,IgM ANTI HBc.

THEN U ARE IN WINDOW-GAP-PERIOD; only and only IgM anti HBc is positive

then you can become ;

1)totaly cured; IgG ANTI HBc and IgG anti HBS ARE POTIVIE gives u lifetime protection

2)u r not cured and become chronic;

a)u not only are not cured but also can make others infected(u r infective carrier) HBs Ag ,IgG HBc, HBe Ag are positive

b)u r not cured but can not make others infected(u r healthy carrier);HBs Ag,igG HBc are positive

healthy is not a good name here cause it does not mean u r healthy,u r still infected but u just can not transmit it to others!(maybe healthy for society!!)

some one who is vaccinated against HBV will have only IgG anti HBs in his serum

that is what i learned today ,please correct me if u find any errors,,,for undestnading the best way incase of hepatititis is first tio know what does each marker mean ,then u can predict different senarios,,,

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