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 perinatal infections  

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How do you treat :

3. varicella


pyrimethamine + sulfadiazine
? (vaccination only)


3---Hyperimmune varicella-zoster immuno-globulin (VZIG)
acyclovir should be used with circumspection in pregnancy, especially in the first half of pregnancy. It is classified by the FDA use-in-pregnancy rating as a category C drug, i.e. while risk cannot be ruled out, the potential benefits may justify the possible risk.

In the case of maternal varicella the potential benefits of acyclovir therapy need to be weighed against a very small possibility of adverse effects on the foetus. Clearly, if there are risk factors for the development of varicella pneumonitis and certainly if pneumonitis is present, acyclovir should be administered without delay.

4---no Tt for rubella ,either take immunoglobulin or abortion
vaccination is contraindicated


3..acyclovir.VZIG is given within 96hrs of exposure to prevent the ds. Rx.vacine is C/I in pregnancy.and one should not concieve within 3mths after vaccination.

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