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 Match 2010 iv experiences  

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One dragon down at bergen very relaxing lasted 3 hours


There were 5 people interviewing (4 AMG still doing their clinical rotations and one, sincerely yours, Methuselah IMG). The PC took us to the library, explained how the day will go. Everyone got ived by 2 people (except yours truly, I had 3 people iving me, don’t know if this is good/bad sign). The questions they ask are the ones in the forum, everyone is very friendly, the whole deal lasted almost 3 hrs. So be relaxed and most importantly be yourself. By far the longest iv is with the PD, make sure you ask questions yourself.
And that’s about it.

For ladies only: if you plan on wearing a skirt, like I did, make sure you have plenty of pantyhose. I somehow managed to ruin all of them, but luckily I also had my pant suit with me and ended up wearing that. In short, be prepared for anything regarding you attire.


2 iv from Bergen please pm me if you go there for iv


Hi patpelletier ,
Good luck my friend..........

Can u plz tell me where do u find the links to interview preparation in Psychiatry??



Review of Seton Hall University, NJ

Its a new program with no PGY-4th since its opened in 2007. There were 3 people interviewing. Each one was interviewed by program director for about 20-30 minutes. I was surprised that there was no other faculty to interview with. Questions were pretty straight-forward: why psych, hobbies, clinical experience.
Only 3 spots: 2 pre-match, 1 for match. Typically, if PD likes the candidate, she would offer 2nd IV.
I think majority of the residents are carib grads since they rotate through the psychiatry department during clinicals.
Overall, the program offers well-rounded clinical experience done on site. The drawback is the location - in Elizabeth, you definitely need to have a car.


Review of Nassau Medical Center, NY

Interviewed by 3 people including program director. The first two were pretty short IVs (about 15 min). I ived last with PD for 45 minutes. Very easy-going faculty, no intimidating or medical knowledge qs.

PD is definitely dedicated to teaching and loves psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. They have pretty solid psychotherapy didactics starting intern year.
Well-rounded clinical program with own forensic ward. CPEP is under construction. Not a research power house, but there are some opportunities in conjunction with LIJ.
Residents spoke highly of PD and seem to like it there.
Feel free to PM me if you have more qs.


University of Toledo

6 appl/6 interviewers. Everyone nice, preiv dinner important the residents will give you lots info. Day starts at 8am with light bkfast, every 20min you have an iv, lunch with rezid, last iv with chief Rez then tour of unit. By three pm you are done. Everyone nice, relaxed with the usual questions.
The most blowing thing is one of the faculty was schooled by Anna Freud amazing
The town is not that impressive but the medical center is a gem, like a pearl in a clam, it is just amazing. Ms. Murphy, the PC, is very helpful, everything organized. The program is like most psych program except in med rotation no on-call. Psych on-call you go home if you live in 30 min radius from the center. They have no inpatient clinic but those will be done at Flower/st V/VA hospital. It really is a nice program, life not expensive there. You get discount at YMCA, when you buy a car, plus many other incentives. So go there and have fun.


Thanks kevin for the wonderful reviews.


hey kevin....
any med Q's asked at Seton Hall? my friend was there on the 18th and said he got bombarded with med Q's.. shaking head


ETIN wrote:
hey kevin....
any med Q's asked at Seton Hall? my friend was there on the 18th and said he got bombarded with med Q's.. shaking head

Well, those are pretty basic like criteria for MDD or Schizophrenia , some antipsychotics and antidepressants. I think she just wanted to test some basic knowledge.


Creedmoor, NY

I have to say i was pretty impressed by the program given its a state-run institution. You get chronic state-run facility with Columbia didactics and outpatient, which is really quite unique mix.
6 candidates/3 interviewers...2-3 interviews each ( i had just two: pd and associate pd). Really awesome laid-back people, no crazy medical or even personal qs. I had to lead both of them by asking questions.

PS: I finally met Patpellitier and i was not disappointing. She is definitely one of a kind. She made my iv fun. Hope to have another one with you.


why cant some other people post any reviews???? It takes like 3 minutes of your time but saves a lot of frustration for your fellow IMGs.
I mean its a bit frustrating doing all the work...
I dont understand why people post here just to show off their credentials.


Oh Kevin you are too nice. Really all I was trying to do was get everone relaxed. Thanks for the great review.


Univ of South Dakota, Sioux Falls

Had a wonderful time there..grin
5 candidates/ 3-4 interviews. start at about 8 AM. 8-9 video presentation and then we were in the conference room while the faculty came in one by one and took us for individual interviews... abt 10-15 mins each.. No med Q's.. very laid back and friendly staff and residents. Had lunch at abt 11:30 and came back and had the program director just sit and talk with all of us if we had any questions.. again very easy going. Day ended around 3 PM.

I think they have 4 spots and do not offer any prematch from what the coordinator told me, although the chief did say they did offer it in years before.


Great guys. Keep it going, remember how helpful it is when we are looking for info and find it. Thanks etin.


u r soo right abt that patpelletier... in the end we all want only one spot but it helps soo much to b able to have an idea abt the interview before going there.. I hope we all match/prematch somewhere which is best for all of us!~!



Elmhurst review
(I have not seen any anywhere yet so i guess i gotta help some people out) it was a bit exhasting
9-10 presentation from program director (very thorough and really answered every q possible)
then 4 ivs with pd, associate pd, and 2 attendings that graduated from the residency program.
About 30 min each, no medical qs, laid back, no qs about pre-match.
Between IVs you have to fill out some paperwork and write small essay about psychiatry.
Otherwise, its a very busy clinical program with decent academics and not a whole lot of research. Tough call schedule (almost q4 first 2 years). Very diverse population and a lot of psychopathology.
As per resident, i think they have 4 pre-match and 4 match positions.


Kalamazoo here I am.

The sky is grey and is pouring out her but the town is beautiful, all stone and red brick buildings. Amazingly I found the hotel fairly quick. Kalamazoo goes to huge length for the appl. Well I did get lost in the hotel but managed to find the room. At reception got my schedule for tomorrow plus a gift bag, yey.
Went for preiv dinner. Just came back. 2 Rez/5 appl (2 of appl I met at other ivs so it was nice to see them again). Rez nice and relaxed, lasted two hours. General questions from us and of course they answered everything.
After having bkfast, the PC met us in the hotel lobby. Went to KCMS. Half hour introduction with PD. First iv with PD, second associate Pd, third one resident. The forth iv was with inpatient director, he never ived before, I was his "first", very smart man but pushed five ethics quest in myface to discuss them. We did. At two an hour tour. At three mrs. Lenz packs all candidates in her suv and drives to Borgess and Bronson another tour. At four pm, barely breathing, feet and head hurting, your gliding back in radisson's lobby. The quest are usual, not big on research, people get good fellow after Rez. Small program with good case load.
After pgy1 and s3 passed you can start moonlighting. The lowest pay is 70$/hour, a lot of Rez do a night/week to supplement their income.



Preiv dinner was very relaxing. Five appl/3 Rez, of course the same old questions. Town of Norfolk is beautiful, the ocean is everywhere. A small but upscale town they have everything here: opera, theater and such. Will come back tomorrow with iv feed back.
So EVMS res program not big on research the case load very light. No fellowship here but you can go for child after pgy3. Ived with four.
No med/psych questions. The weather is 75 coming to northeast to 32 that was really not nice, oh the amazing beaches.!!!!!!


2nd psych iv at Bergen

lasts 45 minutes, ived by 3 faculty/3applicants. No test/med questions.

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