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:idea: How does fluid infusion in burned babies differ from adult ?What's the rate of infusion in both ?

:idea: Whats the reason for not adding glucose to R/L ?


For adults, use the Parkland formula:

4ml pr kg pr. % of body burned.

For kids, it's:

0-2 years 150 ml /kg/hour
2-5: 100 ml
5-10: 80

I'm not sure how the burnt area comes into play for kids, though.


I think it is (% burn area x weight kg x 4) that replacement for the first 24hr post burn


Isn't that the same? Anyway, I agree.


I agree that parkland formula is used for adults and it says %burn area X weight in kgs X 4 mL + 2000 mL D5W.

Hey Bellkicker ,

Are you sure about rate of infusion in kids ?

As per kaplan we use 4 to 6 mL/kg/% rather than 2 to 4 as in adults.

:roll: Im confused with formula for burned babies.Can anyone explain me ?



'How much' fluid and at 'what rate' are two different things in burn pts'.

If asked 'How much' fluid, then it is calculated with parkland's. For adults its 2-4ml x kg x % and for babies its 4-6ml x kg x % (In babies head has two 9's and both legs equals three 9's)

If asked 'what rate' of fluid is given in the first hour, then for adults its 1000ml / hr. and for babies its 20ml / kg. This rate is for first hour and is further calculation is according to the output of the pt.

These are two different methods for giving fluids in burn patients.

RL is isotonic, that why its given.


Thanks docdoc smiling face

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