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 Final lap.. Day 40 :-)  

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Greetings to everyone in the Step 3 world!!smiling face

Im finally ready to start the last leg of this journey... After getting done with CK and taking a nice 2 month break it's time to get busy with books again..

My Step 3 exam is scheduled on December 1st and 2nd.. So this leaves with 2 months exactly interspersed with a few interviews in-between ( hopefully)..

My study materials:
USMLEWORLD MCQs and CCS : main source
MASTER the BOARDS : for review
KAPLAN CK bks : quick review ( hardly learnt them for ck itself.. so may have to spend some time on these)
First Aid : just the CCS cases for extra practice
USMLE cd ofcourse to practice ...
Kaplan dvd: just going to listen to some few audios for ccs guidance.

Thats it... If i can just do the above in the next 2 months i'll happily go take the test..

Plan for today...
UW: 1 block and get the feel of wats goin on ... and accordingly read ck notes..

good luck ppl!


Hi Rosie smiling face Glad you started step 3 prep. I'm taking October off for rest and recreation grin

Kaplan DVD For CK?


hey roseetta i am n the samee boat as u are! lets keep each other updated about our progress!rolling eyes


hi Dl!! nice seeing u here:-)
this kaplan dvd is some real old dvd a friend gave me... they are step 3 dvds...

hi step3ee... all the best to u too... Lord knows we can use all the support we can getwink

as for me... mind has been so distracted... i almost forgot that i opened a journal here!!shocked

this obsession with checkin mail and myeras every hour is getting thye better of memad

have not been doin too well... but feelin better now... will report as soon as i start ... till now just solved around 25 qs from uwsticking out tongue

good luck!


hey rosetta u mentioned having tonsillitis, i too was having the same, mine was too bad, the doc said next time, tonsillectomy for sure, hope u are feeling better. me on antibiotics yet. following ur journal......
all the best.
and agree its tough concentrating with all rejections and uncertainity around.


hey rosiee smiling face smiling face glad 2 c my friends in step 3 world.....i too am gona hit off with the prep soon. plan is to get done with it in end dec or early jan God Willing.

You 'll do gr8 my friend smiling face all da best


Mystic! Me too but I'm starting my prep in Nov. Need to take time off for a few more weeks to recuperate grin


All the best rose!
me still soo lazy to start reading for step 3!
wedding coming up, i havent even prepared for the interviews

one are u guys preparing for the interviews?

which books/website/ anything else



oh wow so many new faces to see here.....all preparing for step3

earlier step 3 journal was boring....hardly cud find anyone unlike step 2ck
only arundhutik, simon and npng

welcome all....
n lets all crack this examnod


hi friends... wow my journal's been pretty activegrin
@ arundhuthik... yup im still recovering... tonsillitis went into flu/cold/cough and the workscool... now just bit of cough... hope u get well completely soon and join the step 3 world!

@ mystic... great seeing u here girl... do jump in here fast and lets get each other moving... but on second thoughts... i think u need a decent break... so hope u do so and all the best for results!

@ galeen... tell me about it!! i still have not started studying... i went out today and bought myself a nice pair of boots to wear for the IV's... thats about as much preap as i've done for the IVs..grin

@angel23... u are near ur finish i think... good luck girl... wil be comin to u for advice from time to timewink... all the best!!


woww shopping! thats the best part isnt it? rose! iam not even doing that~ lol wink


Rosie! I just joined you grin I can't keep away from the journal world. I'm just gathering prep materials but I won't start my prep yet. Still on a break grinrolling eyes


Hi DL, can u tell me what are the prep mateirals needed for step 3?


Hi rosie smiling face hw r u my friend smiling face all da best for ur upcoming IV smiling face

5 days past CK n i have nothing to do sad all movies & long drives have lost charm juss bcz i ve alllll the time on earth to go watch them grin none the less my old theory of " charm is just the inaccessibility" prevails sticking out tongue

I ve some work commitment in Nov so & after watching dear lilacs journal and yours here I too am thinking seriously to join in smiling face i feel my CK score would dictate my prep for Step 3 but again not sure smiling face

bored you enough with my silly tales wink

all da best buddy nod


Hi Rosie! grin So I'm trying to look for CRUSH and FA pdf files so I won't buy them anymore rolling eyes I may just end up buying them from Amazon. I'll only study the CCS part...First I need o understand the components of this exam first. I think Neeraj explained this exam very well in his notes. Maybe I should start reading that nod But not tonight coz I'm going to So You Think You Can Dance Chicago tour So I'll read it tomorrow grin Hope you had a good prep today! Stop checking your ERAS every 5 min! wink


i am in the same boat as yours.

think i will be following the same routine as well.

Gr8 luck.


btw what are neeraj's note??


hi mystic, galeen, dl and hiyield...!!

thanks for visiting...

ok today is oct 7th... i have approx 50 days to D-Day!!

will definitely do work today...mad

yes dl i just gotto stop this mad addiction to Eras somehow!!

Galeen... i dont know if there is any prescribed list of books for step 3... ive written wat im using in the first post..

highyield just search neeraj's note fo step3 on this forum... i know its there... just some highyield facts for quick review..

ok friends... im actually getting quite freaked... 50 days i feel is really less for step 3... considering i hardly have any work experience im kinda scared about this exam as its mostly about management..

anyways everyone does it... so will i! will aim for another 99...wink... why not?!?

today day 50... will report every 4 hrs with progress.... UW here i come!! will get my MTB bk today...


What's MTB Rosie?


Dl... Master the Boards!!!!grin

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