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 stroke volume and afterload  

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hi guys,
can somebody explain why a decreased in afterload lead to an increase in stroke volume. thanks for your help.


Afterload is basically the pressure against which the left ventricle has to push the blood from it to the aorta, so if that pressure decreases, it'll be easier for the blood to be pushed thru it, which is the stroke volume. Hope this helps!


i understand it now


Now give the examples of deceases in afterload... and a couple of drugs that can do that. :-)


Drugs that decrease afterload:
Ca channel blockers (Nifedipine)
b blockers


My physio professor was horrible. Pfff, have to suffer now sad


nitates also decrease afterload in addition to decreasing preload


good..think of diseases now...what can cause a drop in after load... think of anything!


something like sympathectomy, horner syndrome?? just a guess, havent read it anywhere


autonomic neuropathy!!


Diseases? Diabetes Mellitus and pt is on ACE inhibitors grin
Actually, since ACE Inhib decrease afterload by blocking formation of Angiotensin 2, any condition in the kidney that will block this pathway should result in decrease in afterload.


In aortic regurg, there is a wide pulse pressure (ie. 170/60)....would this be considered a case of decrease in afterload?

And can someone summarize preload/afterload/systolic/diastolic in relation to each other?



How about spinal injury???

Would that drop after load demand??? :-)
Just think of cardio-vasc complications of spinal injury..
List all possibilities, and possible treatment (pharmacalogical)

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