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 review of Premier Review  

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(disclaimer: I don't work for the Premier Review)

While I was preparing for yet another attempt on the CK exam, I was informed by a friend about the Premier Review course for the Step 2 CK, and after having gone through their video lectures and their notes for about two months or so, all I can say is that this is an excellent alternative to Kaplan. (Of course the real test of Premier Review will come on the actual exam day.)

The cost is about 600 bucks for a 45 days subscription, and you get extraordinary notes that are combined in one binder, which (psychologically at least) doesn't seem to be as "threatening" as the five or six whole books you get with Kaplan. It is quite easy to review this one binder multiple times, and as people have no doubt mentioned here before, it's better to review one source of material multiple times.

The material itself is very concentrated stuff, and again if you review it multiple times, I think that it can pay dividends when exam time rolls around. Overall, an excellent alternative to Kaplan, and if all goes well with the upcoming CK exam, I'll stick with them for the Step 3 prep. Good luck to all of you, and God bless --


dr_1704 wrote:
Ive heard of Premier Review. How are the notes in comparision to kaplan? What are the differences? Are the videos any good?

again, the notes are very concentrated. They usually do a live course that lasts one week, so it can be pretty intense. Go to their website (, and you can check out the schedule for the ck course; whatever they cover is in their notes.

The videos basically follow the notes verbatim, but the lecturers do pose their own questions, which you should write down separately. Each video varies in length, the shortest one being about 25 minutes or so, to the longest being about 1 and a half hours long, but on the average they last for an hour.

My exam is in 10 days, so right now in addition to finishing up UW, I'm reviewing only five subjects from the Premier Review notes: ID, Cardio, OB, GYN, and Gastro. Hopefully this will be enough to see me through --

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