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 Pathology Match 2010 - IV and Rej  

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Step 1 >95
13 34%
Step1 85-94
13 34%
Step 1 <85
8 21%
Step 2 >95
13 34%
Step2 85-94
17 45%
Step 2 <85
3 8%
Step 3 taken
9 24%
More than 1 attempt on step 1
1 3%
More than 1 attempt on step 2 CK
4 11%
More than 1 attempt on step 2 CS
8 21%
ECFMG certified by Sept 1
23 61%
Need Visa
16 42%
GC holder
15 39%
Number of programs applied <30
6 16%
Number of programs applied 31-50
11 29%
Number of programs applied >50
9 24%
Graduation less than 3 years
7 18%
Graduation 3-5 years
7 18%
Graduation 5-10
10 26%
Graduation more than 10
8 21%
25 66%
US experience
19 50%
5 13%
Research Experience (postdoc)
12 32%
22 58%
Married to a PD
1 3%
38 votes

Author61 Posts

Sorry to hear that, MM. UT is pretty harsh on visa requirements, so if you need a visa it's a big disadvantage. Anyway southern texas is not that pretty!


UTSW has no problems sponsoring J-1s, they have problems with h-1 only !!!


Yeah, but they are really harsh on on H1-b policy.


I got another call from Methodist Hospital in Houston,TX smiling face


Congratulations, ayyad!!! That's awesome! Would you mind to share your credential? Maybe I missed it somewhere.


Thanks Commit :
Step 1 99/267
step 2CK 99/264
Step 2CS Pass (2nd Attempt)
Step 3 99/237
2007 Grad
first year resident in Pathology home
one month USCE (pathology at a well known university program)
2 publications
Medical school awards
J-1 Visa
my USLoR are not uplaoded yet so I applied with letters from my home of my letter writers is a recent alumnus of Methodist - I think this is what got me the Iv smiling face


Congrats again! You have many other right reasons to get this interview than just the alumnus letter. Amazing credentials, I think the pathology field is getting tougher than ever! Best luck!


Thanks Commit for your nice wishes, best of luck to you too smiling face


I received an Interview from UF Gainsvilles


University of Tenn Memphis smiling face


good going, ayyad.


It is so quiet these days. No IVs and no rejections. Does everyone's mail box like that?


No i don't need a visa, I have GC. but i never thought pathology would be that competitive. besides I have low scores and an attempt on step 2, so i guess it's going to be tough for me.


Congratulations those who are getting interviews nod Good luck for the match guys

Those who are still waiting be patient, you'll get some soon... my best wishes for you too.


I guess we took this discussion to another forum.... but I would say that IV season is going in a very decent way.... but it is still a long way!


Any feedback on University at Buffalo pathology program? Is it good?


has anyone received an interview from univ of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital?


U of Buffalo I guess it's decent..... I don't think is a great program but still a univ one.


Hi guys : I have done 4 Interviews so far , got 2 prematch offers and accepted one, tom I am attending my 5th - didnt have time to cancel- and last one and will cancel the rest of my 10 Ivs at :

St Jhon
University of Toledo
wake forest
University of Florida Gainsville


Congrats Dr.Ayyad!!!!

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