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 Pathology Match 2010 - IV and Rej  

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Step 1 >95
13 34%
Step1 85-94
13 34%
Step 1 <85
8 21%
Step 2 >95
13 34%
Step2 85-94
17 45%
Step 2 <85
3 8%
Step 3 taken
9 24%
More than 1 attempt on step 1
1 3%
More than 1 attempt on step 2 CK
4 11%
More than 1 attempt on step 2 CS
8 21%
ECFMG certified by Sept 1
23 61%
Need Visa
16 42%
GC holder
15 39%
Number of programs applied <30
6 16%
Number of programs applied 31-50
11 29%
Number of programs applied >50
9 24%
Graduation less than 3 years
7 18%
Graduation 3-5 years
7 18%
Graduation 5-10
10 26%
Graduation more than 10
8 21%
25 66%
US experience
19 50%
5 13%
Research Experience (postdoc)
12 32%
22 58%
Married to a PD
1 3%
38 votes

Author61 Posts

Congrats Algernon!!!


I have an ERAS box, ERAS box, ERAS box , I have an ERAS box that is totally sleeping
If I had applied to Medicine, Medicine,Medicie,If I had applied to medicine it would have been already beeping ....lolzgrin

what about this one :

I opened my ERAS box, and what I found was a rejection
that made me sad eough,
and I am dow with a sinus infection

it was from a program that I kew wont even read my application
but I went ahead an wasted my 25 bucks,with no real justification
oh my ERAS box,when Shall I see an interview invitation ?

PS : Sounds more true when read in an irish accetgrin

Edited by dr_ayyad on Sep 10, 2009 - 12:56 PM


grin Great rhymes! It's very funny!


My First Interview : Henry Ford Hospital
But the dates are totally inconvenient hmffffffffff




Thanks Man
I got a second Interview : St John's Medical Center in Detroit MI
now I have to w8 for WSU to respond,Hopefully I will be able to schedule my Detroit Interviews Back-To-Back smiling face


Good job! Where is Henry ford? I think I didn't apply anywhere in MI.


This is truly a waiting game now! So annoying!

Anyway a suggestion.... if you receive a IV from a place you would rather not go schedule that interview very early and use it to practice your IV skills!


Henry Ford is in Detroit too , rich hospital,my attending here in jordan was trained at Wayne state and speaks highly of the program.
I will approach this match with "we accept prematches on first come first serve basis" , I am already broke, can't afford going unmatched !!!


Your chances of going unmatched are already very slim! You have good scores and already 2 IV so I think that statistically you have more than 90% chance to match.


Algernon you will receive loads of Ivs soon, University programs are lazy and start to review applications quite late : btw did you apply to Case ? I have not heard from them yet, and they have sent some Ivs already.


No I did not apply to MI. There are some states where my girlfriend cannot work, one of them is MI.


No I am talking about Case in Cleveland,OH ?


Oh.... in OH I applied only to Cleveland Clinic.


Guys good luck!

Do you apply separately to anatomical and clinical pathology or its only one combined specialty?


I'm applying for AP/CP or AP only as second choice.


my 3rd : ETSU !!!


Wow, way to go dr_ayyad!!!
Didn't apply there either!!!

Everything is still quite over here!


I am waiting for 2 programs to respond : Wayne State & NSLIJH : If I get calls from them I will stop checking my ERAS, lolz


got rejection from UTMB disapproval

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