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why do pts with acromegaly ve insulin resistance?


There is decreased uptake of glucose into fat and muscle raising the blood glucose level


Acromegaly :arrow: Increased growth hormone :arrow: GH is Diabetogenic cuz it Dec. entry of glucose into cells


Weve learnt in school the INSULIN is antagonized by GLUCAGON, CORTISOL, GROWTH HORMONE and THYROID HORMONES.(I dont know about Catecholamines???)


they too, Cathecholamines too ar Insluin Antag.
in other words Insulin is fighting with these guys ALL ALONE <red_eye>


what is the mechanism of each one in causing hyperglycemia ?


as for Cathechol.s they act on B-3 receptor of Adipocytes,etc. Glucagon increases CAMP which in other words the very same second. massenger as Cathecol.
the rest act on the GENE EXPRESSION level. which genes? dont know !! probably the Glycogenolysis + Gluconeogenesis enzymes

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