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 replacing LOR help please  

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I have sent 5 lor last year , and now they are reusing them, but I dont want them, 2 of them I have new one(the same doctors) , so should I write replace the last year document in DSF or should specify each document replace?and I have 3 new one not the same doctors, also those should I say replacing old one or no bec they r new doctors. Im realy confused


u can send in all 5 letters with a single dsf..

send the 2 replacements specifically mentioning to replace the old ones in the dsf...

the other 3 from diff docs ... just send them in too... no room for confusion there... as they will just get uploaded ( added) and u can assign whichever letter u want at the time of applying.. ( no need to say replacing old ones for these..)


thank u Rosetta for your reply
so the other 3 (old ones) just neglect them by not assigning them in ERAS and will not be reused automatically?right?
another question: can I send more than 5 letters in one DSF or just 5 and send others in another DSF?


ur letters might get uploaded automatically... not sure... but ultimately ur the one who assigns the letters to the programs... so dont worry..

i think u send as many letters as u want with a single dsf...


thank u rosetta for help


Do we need to reserve a new slot, when we send a new LOR as a replacement for an old one from a same writer? Thank you.

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