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 umbilical vein & ductus venosus  

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we know that --- umbilical vein has 80% oxygen & ductus venosus has 67% oxygen
both are in fetal circulation ----- but why is ductus venosus said to have highest oxygen content in fetal circulation.(according to kaplan)
cann anybody explain this to me ----please....


It doesn't make sense. I agree with you. The blood from the Umbilical Vein mixes with deoxygenated blood in the Inferior Vena Cava. So, obviously it has less oxygen than the unbilical vein (which is closwer to the placenta). If you find any explanation for what Kaplan is teaching, I'd be also interested to know.


hai doctor ------ anyhow thanks a lot for your response. we will find out the exact answer somehow.....



According to my understanding, ductus venosus and umblical vein has the same oxygen concentration or saturation like 80 %.

Portal vein consist of blood of 26 % saturation which mixes with blood comming from ductus venosus and when blood reaches to inferior vena cava , blood saturation reduces to 67%.

Hope it helps..


hi...just happened to remember about this point in goljan so checked it and got back...goljan says its the umbilical vein which has the highest o2 sat level...hence i'd say go with what goljan says...


thanx a lot.............i am satisfied with your reply..bye ---- have a good day

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