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 IT IS A 99. MY 99 MY 99!  

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It's been a long wait guys but the end of a thing is always better than the beginning. This is the end of step 1 for me.
Took my test on June 2nd. Did the Fred v2 and the result released today July 15th 8.30am ET. It is my 99 though not USMLE 99 but it is my 99.
I scored 93/224 and am so excited cos I didn't even have an idea of what my score could be after the test since I didn't do any assessment test cos of time issue.
I will have to come back to write details cos I just finished CS yesterday and I need to get ready to travel back to my base after which I will party and then write a retailed experience.
To all my friends out there, God will grant you your own 99.

Edited by lauprod1 on Jul 22, 2009 - 2:09 PM. : Addition


hey lauprod..

congrats!!smiling face

u deserve it..all the best for everything in future!!


heyyy,congratulationssmiling faceyou worked hard,& its yoursnod,it has been very long wait,may Allah bless you in your next steps.


congratss!!! enjoy ur successnod


congratulations.....thats the spirit man!! u deserve it. All the best for c/s result n for every step in ur future.


Congratssss!!!!!! Have fun now because u deserve it 100%!!!!


congratulation ......I like that your 99 , i wish you the residency of your dreams too, someone with such a spirit God will give him the best .


Congrats! You deserved the great score. grin


Congrats , enjoy your success


congrats on the great score..
could you plz post your nbme scores and timeline..thanks


lauprod Congrats again, cant wait to hear the details... grin


congratulationssmiling face


congratulations , hard work paid off , please share your experiences with us


congratulations!!! may be u r busy these days, anyways, u can get some time for all of us waiting for sharing ur experience. take care! i guess ur family are very releived and jubilated with ur efforts and brilliant score. wish u have a good time dude.


Exam Date : June 2nd
Score Reporting Date : July 15th
Length of Preparation : Dec 08 - June 1st 2009
Year of Graduation : 2004(IMG)
Materials Used:
1. Kaplan Videos
2. Kaplan LN 06/07(Read them alongside the videos)
3. Goljan RR/ Goljan Audios
4. FA 2009
5. UW

Methods of Prep:
- Bulk of my prep time was used to listening to all the Kaplan Videos and looking thru the books as I was listening. I only read Physiology again in details( back to back) but glanced thru the other books after doing the videos.This was just my own style, pls read the books.
- Listened to all the Goljan Audios over and over and over after which I read RR Goljan(back to back)
-Did my first read of FA
- started full time, all-day daily UW( 60 Qns/day) + detailed review of right and wrong Qns.Took me almost 2 months.
-Did a second read of FA 2wks before the test and this time it made more meaning and easier to store in my brain than the first read
-The last 7-10 days reading FA and reviewing UW explanations.
Helpful Sources:
1. UW - very, very , very helpful.Read explanations for right and wrong.
2. FA - very, very , very helpful. Advise everybody to do at least 2-3 complete reads and to read only FA in the last one week.
3. Webpath and Goljan Slides for patho slides.

1. Didn't do any NBME/UWSA, so I didn't have any idea what my score would be throughout the waiting period.
2.Didn't sleep very well 2-3 days before the exam despite using some sleep medications.Started dosing off during the 6th block, so I took 30-40 mins break after the 6th block to take a long walk outside the centre.
3.Didn't complete UW. Only did about 78% and reviewed it as much as possible. But I gained alot from the little I did cos I reviewed then in great details.

Advice to others:
1. Dont make goals that will make you feel guilty everyday in case you dont end up achieving it.Take it one step at a time and know that we are all unique.Some people can do 100Qn in a day but I could only do 60-80.
2.Dont use too many resources/books.
3. You need at least Quality and complete 2 mths with UW and FA
4. Use UW as a prep and study tool rather than assessment tool. Don't bother yourself with your marks when you start but con centrate on the explanations and the concepts.

I'm sorry for the delay in the experience. I had to resume my work the day after CS and thet takes 10-12 hrs of my day after which I get so tired. It took me some time to adjust back to work cos factory job could be stresful.
I had to take 6 months leave( w/out pay but with insurance coverage)from work
to do the step 1 and cs. I'm planning what to do for CK cos I paid for it already and my extension ends by November.
Goodluck to y'all and let me know if you have any Qn.
Don't forget we are all unique and try to understand yourself in order to get the best out of you.




Conratulation lauprod1 , hats off to IMG , not recent grd , took leave sit tight to study from ur job .. factory [ yup that's men has to do men has to do , all jobs if decent ........ go for it to earn to have bread on the table , feed the fm .. if u have then , pay for etc , main is the exm to b our residency to MD dream ] .

GL in ur future exms to residency nod


Dear Lauprod1 you can be proud of yourself.
what Kaplan LN 06/07 stands for?


congrats and success in your future endeavors


Hi Lauprod1,
You did a great job!...
Received my congrats from the deep of my heart.
I am sure this road has not been easy for you but you got your reward, enjoy it!...
Good luck with the rest of your prep.

Goodbye. nod

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