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 Low score Step 1, high score step 2  

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Hi Guys!
I'm an IMG and I am applying for the upcoming match.
I took step 1 on December and I got a very low score 188/77, which I am very upset.
I took Step 2 CK on June and got 233/96, and I am happy with this score.
I am waiting for results for Step 2 CS, I did it 3 days ago.

Some people say a score below 80s is very very poor and not satisfactory for most programs directors.. So if someone is in the same situation, what do u guys think? What are my chances??

I wanna apply to IM, but I don't know if I can make it with my scores. I need J1 or HB1 visa. I have a couple of articles published also.

Thanks for your comments!


Make up a reason for your low step-1 score and write it prominently in your personal statement...


Thanks for your advice...


hey,lot of people are in much worse position.not everyone is 99rs.dont get upset,just get the positive advices to boost your confidence.wish u good luck.


Thanks. I was really depressed, but I hope the step 2 CK score helps...

  #6 definitely beat my score. I am sure program directors would rather give you interviews than me. I wish you all the best. Just believe in GOD and i am sure you'll be fine. There are lot more people with worse score than yours.


Thank you guys. That makes me feel more comfortable.


hi mags .
i want to know what happened to you, did you get a residency??
i am in a similar situation


Hey , What programs are you planning to apply to ? my scores are similar in reverse order .. my step 2 ck score is low and step one score is okay , they are 94/ 81 / pass ... also I finished graduation in 2007 , I am applying to a mixed bag of FM , INt Med , Pediatrics smiling face ... do not worry , apply with confidence , there is place for everyone !


And finally what happened?


most probably this person matched. obviously he/she is not following anymore

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