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 The most frequent complication of Mumps  

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Is the following true

- Before puberty, meningoencephalomyelitis is the most frequent complication of Mumps.

- In adult, Orchitis is the most common complication.



We had the discussion before, overall most common complication is otitis media. I didn't check; but one of my friends checked on Harrison, it says: for children, the most common one is otitis media; for adult, it is Pneumonia (not interstitial pneumonia, it is the superinfection by Strep.)

Let's see what other say. :roll:


I am terrbly sorry, what i wrote above is for "Measles". :!:

For mumps, i think what you wrote is right according to kaplan note. Thanks. 8)


Hi, Tess,

It's nice to know Measles as well.

Before puberty:
Per Kaplan note, it's meningoencephalomyelitis for children, but in usmleworld's answer, it is Orchitis.

Blueprint pediatrics, list orchitis and pancreatitis as common complications, while meningitis, encephalitis as rare.

Can somebody check Harrison for Mumps?


Dear Larry,

Orchitis is a complication in POST PUBERTAL males (in harrison)

how can it be meningitis, encephalitis rare? while in harrison itz given 60% of complications r CNS involvments.


perhaps orchitis in adult males, oophoritis in adult females and meningitis in children.


and if overall rate of complication is very low even the commonest complication will be rare.

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