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 cs today  

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ok guys so i took my exam at chicago today and god did i mess it up ... so i will write my mistakes so u can laugh... ive been crying

1-didnt finish the first case ... was a neuro case so time was up when i finished my exam
2-second pt was so annoyed with me and confused with the way i counselled her against smoking, she didnt reply to my goodbye
3-i did a full neuro exam on a fatigued patient but forgot to record it in my pn
4-pt with htn follow up i missed to see the high blood pressure in the vitals and did not mention it or counsel him about it
5-didnt counsel one patient that was using condoms occasionally
6-and rest are little mistakes but god help me with the big ones that i made ..\
oh oh the funniest is my phone encounter when i didnt ask the age of the patient's son and only asked what grade is he in thinking i will find the age on doorway info but guess wut there was no age on doorway info

ok so i think i made u feel better ... well i will let u guys know if i passed ... maybe if they drop my two worse one then i will


thats some funny o man i screwed up big time too....not the mistakes u did but very similar.....u and me pretty much had the same cases...i took my exam in chi too....just waiting for results on june 24th anyways wish u good luck and i hope i pass too


This is not funny, this is about career and we discuss serious issues here.
I think overall you have done well.
Relax now and Good luck with the result !!


yeah i cant relax though how could i be so stupid ... with some of the things i missed ... anyways it'll be along wait


@ 2cr8tive
We are humans and we make mistake. Thats why we say 50 % is pass, Had the creator created us perfect, the percentage to pass would have been 100%.
Only God is perfect.

Good luck!!


dude 2cr8tive,

Similar experience....I forgot to do focus back exam on a pt with back pain. didn't do neuro exam on this patient.

HTN guy...i did the pulses exam, but didn't write it in the note. Didn't do Neuro exam on this HTN guy.

Hip pain pt, did the full exam, but didn't write it in the PN that there was no tenderness or edema, pt was having problem with extension, flexion crap.

My PN were horrible, i think. Other than that..i did all the ritual stuff (knocked, draped, washed hands, rolled out the leg stand, didn't repeat painful procedure, asked to untie gown before listening to heart and lungs, all the other stuff....But i think my notes and physical exam sucked. I hope i PASS.

I really don't feel so good about this.

Doesn't anyone know how much in each case we should score to pass the whole exam? I am really hopeless at this time. I wish i can make the 2010 match. I am expecting my result in august or september.


ur mistakes dont seem that bad honestly u'll be ok ... to make urself feel better read my mistakes again wink


try beating this...

case of fatigue.. my first case... i tried to do ophthalmascopy using the otoscope!!!shockedshocked i guess i was terribly disoriented ( cause i know wat an ophthalmoscope is!!!) and i just took the otoscope and tried lookin thru it and realised somethin was terribly wrong... pt gave me a weird look coz God forbid i cud have hurt his eye... i was too embarassed and so i just looked at his eye anyways and hurried on to the rest of the exam...

this is just the most embarassing one... out of many many more gross mistakes.

God help us all..


ok i gotta admit that's funny ... but it really is a small mistake ... i mean think about the way the grade you ... u cant really lose a whole lot on misusing a single tool ....


yeah i know... that mistake was not fatal.... but was quite embarassing!sticking out tongue


dont worry and pray that all i can say,i m in the same boat as i took my cs yesterday and i also forgot to wrote many things in pn,,and back pain case i ddnt do the range of motion,and many many blunders,,oh GOD save us all..hope we all will pass inshaALLAH

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