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 Heart sounds? need help  

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Here's a link to listen to different heart sounds. Im confuse at these sounds.. What is the clue or how do you tell the difference in sound?

Help.. thank


Here's another website i found online. These heart sounds are sooooo confusing. If anyone knows any better way to figure it out.. PLEASEEEE help.


Normal heart sounds like this : Lub-Dub-Lub-Dub

Lets say there is a systolic murmur, it will sound like this : lub- shi- dub-lub-shi-dub

if it was a diastloic murmur: lub-dub-shi-lub-dub-shi-lub etc


I have a few friends who told me that heart sound was on their exam.. and they were not prepare for it. So.... I have to find a way to master it.

How did you go about.. mastering the sounds? understanding the pathphys?

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