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Which of following factors in the hx is most likely cause for PPH?

a) Length of labor
b) Multiparity
c) Size of the baby
d) Maternal age
e) duration of oxytocin


d. maternal age


The question is from NMS and the answer says size of the baby (c).

In kaplan Notes, the most common cause of PPH is Uterine atony and most common cause of uterine atony is long duration of labor. So I am not sure, if anybody else can explain??

I have heard that there are some mistakes in NMS answers.


I misread "PNH" for this question; I think this one answer is "fetal size" is correct. Prolonged labor doesn't necessarily cause uterine anoty; or can think this way: the duration of prolonged labor is anyway shorter than the duration of big fetal that distend the uterus. Let's see other members give better explanation. Thanks.


I think it should be A. length of labour since uterine atony is MCC of PPH.

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