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 Mycology pics  

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Hi every one

I was posting pics in my jrnl, but then it just occur to me that I should do it in the related forum.
It will help me in reviewing the subject,later.

Non systemic Fungal inf

Superficial infection

Malassezia furfur

Spaghetti and meat ball appearance

Cutaneous Fung Inf


Sub-cutaneous mycosis

sporothrix schennckii

Alcoholic/Rose gardeners(sleeper's) disease


Deep fungal infections

histoplama capsulatum


Coccidiodes immitis



Blastomyces dermatitidis

See BBBB smiling face


Oportunistic fungi

Aspergillus fumigatus


Candida Albicans


are you sure your third post is histo???it seems to me that it is paracoccidioides

you do great job!!!!


yup, it is histo

thx for checking, keep an eye on me...i m very wrong most of the timenod


Thanks ! nod


the first pic (meat ball and sphagetti appearance)is of malasezzia,isn't it?????
m working on it.....


can u plz tell me...hw to distinguish candida spp. from dat of malassezia...I have 3 suspected isolates which m not sure to b of wish to eliminate candida???????


Malassezia furfur is very difficult to grow, and usually entails an overlay with olive oil to get it to grow, as the organism is lipophilic. Candida sp. grow very easily on Sabouraud's agar and doesn't require special treatment. See the second page of this article:
I am a microbiology technologist and have only seen M. furfur once in 35 years. I see Candida sp. on an almost daily basis when reading out plates.

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