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EXAM MASTER welcomes you on our new Forums!
We are happy to provide our users a way to interact and support each other through this Online Medical Community.
We are very hopeful that our relationship with Prep for USMLE will ensure our common interests in serving you.
Sincerely, the EXAM MASTER Staff. grin


As the president of EXAM MASTER, I personally wish to thank Dr. Rotaru for having created his unique and wonderful site that serves so many aspiring and established physicians from all over the world. It is my hope that we too can serve the international medical community, and for this reason we will continually strive to create new ways to help make the learning process smoother and less difficult, while at the same time, making sure that physicians and medical students accessing our products are receiving the best in-depth educational experience that we can provide.

In the end, our products and services, and even the forums on this site themselves, cannot simply be about exam prep. Rather, all the modern technologies available to us must be harnessed so as to enable good people (like you) to realize the maximum benefit from the exhaustive training in medicine that each person has to undergo. With the advent of numerous and focused discussion forums such as those found in this site, a new era of higher quality networking dynamics is coming into existence.

Quality information exchange is taking place at a faster rate between those who seek information for their concerns or issues - and those who can offer meaningful solutions or ideas. Basically, all parties can now communicate freely with one another from just about anywhere and at anytime. Knowledge resources are being leveraged in a way that is neither contrived nor controlled, and springs forth as the natural outgrowth of the amazing phenomenon that we call the “Internet”.

We at EXAM MASTER sincerely seek to assist you in achieving all that you can hope to realize in the noble profession you have chosen for your career path. Everyone knows that no "educational system" can be perfect, and with the rapid developments in medicine, science, and information technologies, “perfection” will always be a “moving target”. This means that we can never rest, and it also means that our company must always listen closely to what you have to say. It is our hope that we can work together with people like you - via forums such as this - in order to continually improve our services … and do so for decades to come.

At this time, what we offer as “educational tools” are meant to hone your existing knowledge and test taking skills so that when you pass your board exams you will be doing so with the highest scores possible. This can only happen due to your having rigorously self-trained in a computerized testing modality, and more importantly, can only be if the content presentation is accurate and relevant. By utilizing our integrated computer-based-training process as part of your study strategy, then you will be receiving a true cognitive grasp of the required material.

All of us in our company wish you the very best of luck in your studies, and we hope to hear from you. We will be seeking your feedback via these forums, or please feel free to contact us directly in whatever form you choose. Your insight and suggestions will always be welcome.

Very kind regards,

Kem Mylar, President
EXAM MASTER Corporation


I am honored to be of service by writing for our OUTstanding Exammaster-Family-TEAM!
Joshua Grossman, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Internal Medicine


how i use exam master i buy it from my points , am i mising some thing

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