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 Q on cell junctions  

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Q-Several contiguous cells are labeled with a
fluorescent dye that cannot cross cell
membranes. One cell is experimentally bleached
with light that destroys the dye, but the cell soon
recovers dye fluorescence. This recovery is best
explained by the presence of which of the
following structures between the bleached cell
and its fluorescent neighbors?
(A) A basal lamina
(B) Desmosomes (maculae adherentes)
(C) Gap junctions
(D) Glycosaminoglycans
(E) Tight junctions (zonulae occludentes)

Can somebody explain me the answer to this question and with good explanation on cell junctions?


no1 knows the answer!!!!!!!!!!
any1 plz answer


yeap may be c


i think c for the above reasons



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