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 plz i need some information  

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i am a resident of clinical pathology at egypt,thinking about the usmle.
need more information, direct contact with egyptians if possible.


What information do you need? (But I'm not Egyptian)


thankssmiling face, ppl told me residency of clinical pathology is highly competitive & my chances as IMG is pretty week. is that true ? what is average score required insteps 1,2?


It is competitive. But, are you afraid of competition? It's not like every applicant is a genius with a triple 99 on the USMLE and publications in Nature or Science.

Concerning the scores: the higher the better but there is not absolute cut off. Going for a spot in US is time and money consuming. It depends on how much you are willing to bet on yourself being successful.

That said, I would say above 85 would be a good thing. There are so many other things that matters as much or even more than the scores. If you are interested in research and you are willing to go on a longer path, coming to US for research for 2-3 years could be a very good choice. Doing a PhD at an American university will also greatly improve your chances. Also you'll be able to improve your language and communication skills and find out if you really like it here. US LoRs are very important too. USCE would also be a good plus.

In short, I'm afraid it's usually not that easy as taking the exams, getting good score = enjoy your residency. It might be for someone, but I would say that is more of the exception than the rule. But if you are determined than it's totally doable.

Good luck


what r Lors?
would u please answer my other topic at the forum "a phd with residency?"
cuz no body answered till now. that will be kind of you.


LoRs are Letter of Recommendation. Very important.

I'm sorry I'm not aware of ppl doing a PhD during residency, I don't think it's possible. There are physician/scientist tracks in which you are more deeply involved in research and you might have an extra founded year or two to do researcher full time.

I wouldn't be too worry about that though. I wish there was a way to do that too.

Hope that was helpful


thanks alot 4 ur time algernon.
what are physician / scientist track u mentioned ?
any special criteria for these ways?
thanks again.

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