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 Hi BG doctors  

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Hi everybody. I have some questions.
1. How long does the first step take. I know that depends of your free time, abilities and bla bla, but could someone who is not genius to explain me for how long he/she did pass the first step.
2. OK, all done. You pass the steps. What is the next step. Going to interview for a residency. Is it possible to start a residency in a year after you finish with the exams?
3. Do you know something about the residency of Radilogy. Is it tough to step in.
4. What about the surgery. I know that there is no placement in this field.
That's it. Sorry for my English, but I saw that it's not allowed to write in BG.


M-r ,
mozhe spokoino da si pishete na Bg
nikoi ne bie?
POvecheto im stigat 4- do 6m za 1step
i 1/2 ot tova vreme za step two,
Ako imsh dobqr score (90 or more)
residency e po lesno , zavisi ot tvoite
interview skils, CV, ....
V niako tqpi shtati mozhesh da otidesh
dori dermatology!
No in general po vsichki mesta i na dvata briaga e trudno


"Irkoto" wrote:

POvecheto im stigat 4- do 6m za 1step
i 1/2 ot tova vreme za step two

Irko, I don't know if this is enough for a foreign graduate! I graduated in 2001, went to the army for 6 months and needed approx 1 year to get ready for Step 1 and scored 90 - not bad but far from best, isnt' it? OK, somebody have been a better student than me, and a hard worker, but i think it's more realistic to spend approx a year for STEP 1! I agree it takes less time for STEP 2 but we need highest possible scores. We are FMG's...sad

I aggree for the rest, as far as what I've heard from friends![/quote]


1.Unless you are not citizen,do not have above 96 at both exams ,clinical
experience in US hospital(6m-1year),some research,perfect letter of recommenadion and you are IMG-forget for radiology.
2.I do not know where you are now(BG,USA or somewhere else)-
be realist-go somewhere you will be accepted.
In USA this match(2004) had around 100 resid. programs of radiology with average 3 persons in them with IMG 4%.
This is well-paid,honorable speciality without night duties,patients and
scut work-it means not for us.
my advice-do not lose your time.

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