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 Urgent: IM Residency Matching for IMG  

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Hi everyone:
I need some advice urgently.
I'm a sixth (final) year medical student, and I really wanna go to a IM residency program in USA as a IMG (no green card). I scored both above 90 on steps 1 and 2. However, I did really badly on my preclinical courses (pass only). Do you think it is possible for me to be successfully matched to an IM residency program? or Don't be bothered to apply? Thanx!

Do people think that medical school grades or USMLE scores are more important for IMG's?

Appreciate your responses!


How could you take step 2 if you are 6. year?


Because sixth year is our final year.


I know that it is final.But as far as i know step 2 can be taken only if you have completed your clinic part of med school not if you are in the final year of it.
Correct me if I am wrong.


No. You can take step 2 after fifth year for the six-year medical programs (within 12 months of completing the program).


It is usefull information for me because my med school also lasts 6 year?Are you compleately sure about that.


Sorry that was a stupid question.You took the test so you are a living proof that it is possible to do that.


i ve checked on usmle's site.You were right.Thanks for the info.


Sure you will be invited to interview for internal medicine programs, your transcript scores aren't as necessarily as important as your USMLE scores.

APPLY 8) and good luck

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