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 Verification of credentials FCVS  

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hey guys.....
State board needs to verify the credentials before issuing temp license.Do you guys recommend to use FCVS or should we do it personally? I am not sure if my medical school is quick enough to respond to such requests. How much time does FCVS take to do that? what do you recommend?
i am really confused. any input.......


Hi Angelina,

I think doing the verification directly for the license is better than waiting for FCVS.
FCVS takes about 6 weeks.
Basically it's the same thing with both of them- they will send forms to your med school to be verified.
But if your ECFMG verification was after Dec 2006 then FCVS might be able to get the verified credentials from them.

The best thing is to do the medical license verification from your med school and follow up with your med school.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot hopeforthebest..........
You are absolutely right thats what i figured out after doing all the search on the internet yesterday....
good luck


hi wat is FCVS? is that the verfication of ECFMG certificate? shit i just did it online by paying 25$


on instruction form its written it must be electronicaly submitted .. there is no option for doing it personaly...and if it s somthng else.. the form doesnt mention if any credentials are to be verified by med school..cud u elaborate it a bit more plz..thanks


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