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 Mallory-Weiss syndrome  

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What is the cause and mechanism of haematemesis in M-W syndrome?


MW is tears in mucosa of lower 3rd esophagus due to retching in alcoholics and bulemics. these r long tears which inv mucosa/ submucosa
hemetemesis is due to stretching of gastro esophageal junction which leads to tearing of mucosa


Thanks Mash.
Which one of the following would be more preferable if the options given as
1.Hemetemesis due to mucosal laceration in respective site.
2.Hemetemesis due to failure of relaxation of the Lowr Esophg.sphincter.


i ll go with 1 i.e mucosal lacerations in the respective site


sphincteric constriction causes huge pressure to mucosa that furtehr leads to hemetemesis,right?
mechanism starts from the failure of relaxation,right?


i dont think ansar, it is due to failure of realaxation. That occurs in achalasia cardia.
in mallory weiss, due to retching or induced vomiting in bulemics, a wave of antiperistalsis occurs which stretches the esophagogastric junction and tears the mucosa.....


That's right MASH.
I am giving the Reference from F.A. page 275 describes as"Longitudinal lacerartion at GI junction caused by excessive vomiting with failure of LES relaxation that could lead to fatal hemetemesis."
So I became confused with.."failure of relaxation."

Then reset my understanding .
Mechanism:failure of relaxation>antiperistalsis>increase pressure>mucosal laceration> finaly overwhelming vomting with blood.


yeah u r right but the sequence shud be (m not sure but this is wat i think)
antiperistalsis>failure of relaxation>increase pressure>mucosal laceration> finaly overwhelming vomting with blood.


Thanks .Now I am satisfied and probably you too.
Good team work!




good work u both......


malory weis ; alcoholic , bulimic pt.

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